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For a supremely tailored experience, maximum levels of individual focus and 1-1 personal training. SHOW ME MORE!


Personal Training for specific physique, competition or event goals with maximum levels of individual focus. SHOW ME MORE!


Tailored and cost effective, for those who like to exercise with other like-minded members. SHOW ME MORE!

Customised, tracked

All programmes feature exercise and fitness progression specific to you, with activity tracking and posture correction for free.


Tailored, targeted

You’ll get a nutrition programme designed to get you the results you seek, with tailored meal suggestions as standard.


Understanding, know-how

Our aim is to provide you with the lifestyle know-how to maintain health and body-confidence for the rest of your life.


Support, motivation

You’ll get unlimited text or email access to your coach, insights reports and a monthly 1-1 assessment and review of your progress.

Personal Training: Our Approach

  • Results focused. Tell us your goals, we’ll design the programme
  • Holistic. Exercise, diet, lifestyle, coaching support.
  • Scientifically sound. We’ve done the digging on the science.
  • Data driven. We use data for motivation and accountability.
  • Sustainable. Aims to achieve permanent lifestyle change.
  • Posture perfect. Posture improvement for free.

Jon and Samantha spent many years in other sectors. They understand how hard it can be to maintain ideal body composition whilst progressing a demanding career.  Jon went from fat to fit during his former corporate employment and now, as experienced personal trainers, both Jon and Samantha are determined to help you achieve your personal targets.


Accurate Body Composition

Getting in shape is so often about accountability and stickability. It helps to know - in numbers - where you are on the journey. That's why we need a serious piece of kit to measure body composition. Our Accuniq body composition analyser is a state of the art machine that will tell you your muscle and fat levels, visceral fat, biological age and even muscle imbalances. You'll be analysed every month to check you're on track to get the results you need.


From data come insights

Using wearable technology, our body compositon analyser and other devices, we gather data that provide insights and tracking information to see how you’re getting on. These insights help us to motivate you in your quest to achieve your goals.

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