8 Week Stronger and Leaner

Get stronger and leaner
in just 8 weeks

With our specially designed workouts, you’ll work your muscles hard in an intense session that includes both hypertophy and HIIT protocols. You’ll work in circuit style on different stations, changing every minute. Some of the time you’ll perform whole body and plyometric exercises, the rest of the time you’ll focus on lifting some weight!

Short, sharp, focused programme

Group exercise for ongoing support

Short sessions – ideal after work

Build strength, burn the fat

And because it’s intense, we have to keep it short, so you’ll be in and out quickly with your metabolism ramped up and burning fat for hours afterwards.

Not only that, you’ll get an Accuniq Body Composition Report at the start and end of the programme so you can see the clear evidence of your changes.


But there’s more to losing weight than just the exercise, you also need to eat right for best results. So we’ve created a diet strategy specially designed to support the building of muscle and burning of fat. You’ll get a calorie target, eating guidelines, a recipe book and a recommended foods list.





How, when, where, how much?


There are two workouts a week:


As the programme becomes more popular, we may open up new times.


Initially, you’ll be able to train twice a week. Men and women train in the same class.


Our studio is at 41 Lower Farm Road, Moulton Park, NN3 6XF

How much?

You get all of the below for £149 (16 sessions)


Short, focused group training

  1. 01

    16 muscle toning, fat shredding workouts.

  2. 02

    Accuniq Body Composition Report.

  3. 02

    Calorie target and macronutrient breakdown.

  1. 04

    Eating guidelines for maximum success.

  2. 05

    Life Force Fitness recipe book.

  3. 06

    Food recommendations.

  1. 07

    Habits scoring system – how effective are you?

  2. 08

    Supplementation advice.

  3. 09

    Overall exercise advice.

Is Stronger and Leaner right for you?

Need time efficiency?

If you like to be in and out of the gym quickly, then this programme is ideal. With the 8-week Stronger and Leaner Programme, all sessions last 45 minutes including demos, warm up, workout and stretch.  You get maximum bang for your buck in a short space of time.

Are you looking for affordability?

Do you simply want to lose weight and don't need a tailored programme?Then this programme is for you. With the 8-week Stronger and Leaner Programme you’ll have an affordable option for losing fat and building tone whilst still benefiting from nutrition guidelines and measurements.

Prefer exercising in a group?

If you prefer to work out in a small group with other like minded people, then this programme is for you.With the 8-week Stronger and Leaner Programme, all exercise sessions are done in small groups of up to 8 people.  This means you can share the experience and connect with people who have similar goals to you. You still get nutrition advice and measurements, but you also get to work out with your friends and colleagues.

Can’t commit?

If you don't want to commit for several months, then this programme is for you.We understand that life can be uncertain and it's not always possible to reach your goals in one go. You'd prefer to take it a step at a time and commit for a shorter period. When you finish, if you're ready for the next step, then you can just sign up again! If this is you, then this programme is the right choice.

Are you ready to build strength and shred the fat?

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