Core Stability and Strength

Look fit, be fit!

A 30-minute workout is 2% of your day. Fit your workout into your working day – join me for 30 minutes of core focused exercise and make the most of your lunch break.


Strengthening your core will:

  1. 01

    Improve your posture

  2. 02

    Flatten your stomach

  1. 03

    Reduce your back pain

  2. 04

    Lower your risk of injury

If you live or work nearby, you can maximise your lunch break: you can have a short focused workout with me and be back within the hour!

How, when, where?


You’ll be able to start strengthening your core from week starting 18th June 2018.

To start with workout times will be

12.15pm12.15pm, 13:15pm

You’ll be asked to choose your time and stick to it every week.


You’ll get one 30 minute session per week for 6 weeks.


Our studio is at 41 Lower Farm Road, Moulton Park, NN3 6XF

Is Core Stability and Strength right for you?

Prefer small group exercise?

Maximum group sizes of 10 will ensure you'll get individual attention.

Want to workout at a great price?

At just £30 for 6 weeks, this programme isn't going to break the bank!

Are you time poor?

If you don't have a lot of time to work out then this programme is perfect for you. You'll get a short focused workout and be in and out in 30 minutes.

Improve your core strength and stability in 30 min sessions

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