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NEW! Use our training studio to work out and Pay As You Go (PAYG).
There are times when the studio is not at full capacity and this gives us the opportunity to offer up the space to people who want to pop in and work out. If you’re happy with ‘How Pay as you Go works for you’ below, then come along and get started!

Well equipped, clean and spacious

No commitment, no contracts

Convenient and affordable

How, when, where, how much?


The following heat map shows the number of PAYG slots available in the next 5 days.
The availability shown may change but will be locked down by 4pm each day for the next day.

Mon 23 SepTue 24 SepWed 25 SepThu 26 SepFri 27 SepSat 28 SepSun 29 Sep


Our studio is at

41 Lower Farm Road,
Moulton Park, NN3 6XF

How much?

A 1 hour training slot costs £5

We can only accept cash payment at the moment


To register or book a slot you can
call 01604 289 190 or

Generally the phones will be answered between 9am and 3:45 pm but may not be outside those times.

How Pay As You Go works for you

Our services up to now have delivered very successful weight loss programmes and personal training to private clients. Our private clients get highly personalised 1-1 coaching and we want to ensure that they continue to enjoy the best possible customer experience.

They value the private, calm atmosphere without the prying eyes and intimidating characters so often present in many large gyms.

They also enjoy the workout variety, efficiency and flexibility that is possible when they have almost exclusive access to the equipment.

We want you, the Pay As You Go customer, to enjoy the same calm but focused training environment and the choice of equipment that comes from a gym space that is not overcrowded.

It is with this in mind that we apply the rules set out below:

  1. Sessions:

    For the time being we’re going to limit the number of trainees at any one time to 3, including both Pay As You Go (PAYG) and Private Clients (PC). Those 3 trainees could be any of these combinations

    • 3 PC;
    • 2 PC : 1 PAYG;
    • 1 PC : 2 PAYG;
    • 3 PAYG

    Depending on the number of Private Clients booked in at any one time, there will be 0, 1, 2 or a maximum of 3 slots available for PAYG customers.

  2. Training slots:

    In order to manage the studio space, we’re going to limit training slots to an hour long for both PC and PAYG customers. We’ll need PAYG customers’ training slots to start and finish on the hour, though there may be scope for other start times if there is spare capacity.

  3. Warming up:

    You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your PAYG slot to warm up and stay 15 minutes after your slot to stretch and cool down. Please find an area away from any training activity going on in the studio.

  4. Availability:

    Availability of slots will be published on this web page by 4pm every day. At this point, availability for the following day will be locked down but subsequent days may change.

  5. Registration:

    As a PAYG customer, you’ll be asked to register for PAYG before booking any training slots. This involves filling in a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and answering a few questions about yourself and your exercise preferences. There is a small non-refundable charge of £5 to cover the administration.

  6. Sharing equipment:

    To preserve the current level of service we provide, we’ll need to give precedence over equipment to coaches who are training private clients. Coaches will try to give 5 minutes notice to you of their intent to use a piece of equipment. Please stop using the piece of equipment when the coach and private client need to use it. Ask a free coach if you’d like to get some ideas of alternative exercises you could do until the equipment becomes free again.

  7. Standard stuff:

    All customers must be polite and respectful of staff, other clients, equipment and facilities at all times. This is important to us, so we might have to stop you using PAYG if you don’t stick to this.

  8. There are no showers.

    There is a small single-occupancy changing area. Please arrive and depart in your training gear. If it is absolutely not possible to do that then you are welcome to change in the changing area but please take your clothes out of that area and leave them inside the door of the kitchen where they will be safe.

  9. Keep it clean!

    We wish to preserve the cleanliness of the gym space, so please wear clean training shoes. Please change in to your gym shoes when you arrive or, at the very least, thoroughly wipe your feet when entering the building.

  10. Final note – We are not steroid users and we do not advocate the use of steroids. You will not be eligible to register for PAYG if you are a steroid user.

Are you looking for a convenient and well equipped training facility?

Why not Pay As You Go?

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Or call us on: 01604 289190