Weight Loss with Friends

Weight Loss with Friends for a shared weight loss experience

Are you looking for an affordable option for weight loss and a shared experience with others? If so, then our Weight Loss with Friends programme is the one for you. You’ll still enjoy a tailored programme but exercise within small groups of up to 5 people.

If you’re looking for personalised weight loss with group exercise, then Weight Loss with Friends is for you.

A full health, fitness, diet, activity and calorie needs assessment

Exercise with your friends and reach your goals together

Your progress tracked in weekly and monthly insights reports.

A Shared Exercise Experience

  1. 01

    A ‘set up for success’ and goal setting induction.

  2. 02

    Monthly check in and report.

  3. 03

    Shared training sessions of up to 5 people.

  4. 04

    Group support through a Whatsapp group.

  1. 06

    Tailored meal ideas reports.

  2. 07

    A tailored nutrition programme and group food know-how session.

  3. 08

    Information handouts and Life Force Fitness recommended food list

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Is Weight Loss with Friends right for you?

Need time efficiency?

If you like to be in and out of the gym quickly, then this programme is ideal. With the Weight Loss with Friends programme, all sessions last 45 minutes including demos, warm up, workout and stretch.  You get maximum bang for your buck in in a short space of time.

Are you looking for affordability?

Do you simply want to lose weight and don't need a tailored exercise programme?Then this programme is for you. With the Weight Loss with Friends Programme you’ll have an affordable option for losing fat and building muscle whilst still benefiting from tailored nutrition and progress tracking.

Do you prefer exercising in a group?

If you prefer to work out in a small group with other like minded people, then this programme is for you.With the Weight Loss with Friends Programme, all exercise sessions are done in small groups of up to 5 people.  This means you can share the experience and connect with people who have similar goals to you. You still get tailored nutrition and progress tracking, but you also get to work out with your friends and colleagues.





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