Programme: Private Weight Loss

Clive and Karen came to us looking to lose a significant amount of weight. “I am now at the lowest weight I’ve been for 35 years”, proclaimed Clive after the programme. “I am stronger, fitter, and can actually get into the orange shirt I bought back in 2008” he continued. Initially, Clive wanted to get 86 kg and Karen wanted to lose a stone. We set these as starting goals.

Combined Statistics

Clive - before and after side


4 stone 6lbs




-45 mmHg


5 months


The first activity in his programme was our ‘Set up for Success’ induction. This comprised:

  • Taking measurements and photographs to benchmark Clive and Karen’s starting point.
  • Benchmarking their daily calorie expenditure.
  • Setting a goal. Clive wanted to get to 86kg, Karen wanted to lose a stone.
  • Setting an initial level for their calorie intake. We cut calories and assumed a calorie burn from exercise.
  • Providing coaching on food intake. This included food theory and diet construction.
  • Constructing an exercise programme consisting of weight training and cardiovascular exercise.


We keep a constant dialogue with clients to enable them to get the most from the programme. With Clive and Karen, we made the following observations and took the following actions:

  • An early holiday put them behind their weight loss target.
  • They quickly adapted to a new lifestyle which enabled them to make good, consistent progress.
  • Frequent trips away did not halt their progress as they learned how to eat well whilst away.


The exercise programme had the following elements:

Cardiovascular exercise to

  • Strengthen their heart, lungs and vascular system.
  • Improve their ability to burn fat as a fuel.
  • Improve their health markers and resting heart rate.
  • Burn some extra calories.

Weight training to

  • Enable them to retain muscle whilst losing weight.
  • Provide a metabolic and hormonal cascade of beneficial effects.
  • Develop balance and improved functional capability.
To my surprise,  I have been eating more calories than I have eaten in the last 10 years and have now lost nearly 2.5 stone (15 kg) on your programme.



Clive - before and after side


Clive - before and after front

Weight loss

Clive lost 14.5 kg in 5 months.  His body fat % improved from 36% to 27%. His Visceral fat mass improved from 7.3 to 3.7 kg

Karen lost 11.7 kg in 5 months. Her body fat % improved from 44.75% to 37.9%. Her visceral fat mass  improved from 5.6 to 3.2 kg.

Clive and Karen chart comaprison

Health markers

Clive’s health markers improved considerably.  His systolic blood pressure improved from 135 to 119 mmHg. Clive’s biological age improved from 59 to 56 years.

Karen’s health markers also improved a lot. She saw a large reduction in her blood pressure and her body mass index improved from 29 (Overweight) to 24.4 (Normal)


Despite a holiday early in the programme which put them behind target, Clive and Karen adapted their lifestyle to consistently make good progress, keeping up with the target line. They reached their target by the end of an extended 5 month programme. They now have a lifestyle they can maintain for the rest of their lives.

I am now at the lowest weight I have been in the last 35 years. I now feel equipped to manage my weight in the future whatever my level of exercise.

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