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For a supremely tailored experience, maximum levels of personal focus from an experienced personal trainer


For specific physique or competition goals with maximum levels of personal focus from an experienced personal trainer.


Weight loss, muscle building or outstanding fitness

Do you really need a personal trainer?

• Do you need a structured framework for reaching your goals?
• Are you unsure how best to organise exercise into your schedule?
• Are you struggling with weight loss, fitness or energy levels?
• Do you need help adapting your lifestyle for permanent health and wellbeing?
• Are you unclear about the nutrition required to hit your targets?
• Do you need accountability to help you see it through to the end?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then a personal trainer is the right choice for you.

How much does a personal trainer cost in the UK?

Personal trainers are cheaper than tradespersons!

If you hire a tradesperson, such as a plumber of electrician, you can expect to be charged £60 per hour for labour in Northampton.

The average cost of a personal trainer in the UK is £40-60 per hour. (https://www.bidvine.com/personal-training/price-guide). This will vary, tending to be more expensive in London and cheaper further north. In Northampton you can expect prices to be somewhere in the low to middle of that range.

How much does it cost for a personal fitness trainer?

You’ll find a great deal of variation amongst personal trainers, both in the quality of coaching and the cost.

At some of the big gym chains, personal trainers are a plentiful commodity, and costs are lower. But here are a couple of things to bear in mind:

  • Big gym trainers do not have exclusive access to equipment and your workout may be compromised if you’re unable to use what you need.
  • Big gyms operate a graded remuneration scheme, paying low salaries initially, then a higher per hour wage only once trainers take on many clients. They hire lots of trainers who compete for clients. Most trainers stay on low salaries because they cannot acquire enough clients to command a higher per hour salary. Trainers are often disincentivised by the graded schemes and are not invested in their clients’ progress towards their goals. You may not get the personal care you expect at a big gym.

At Life Force Fitness we pay a fair base salary and operate an incentive scheme. Incentive payments are made according to revenue contributions and client results. We build close personal and ongoing relationships with our clients and we really care about their results.

We only employ experienced personal fitness trainers who show the right attentive approach. All our training is carried out in a private studio which is packed full of the latest equipment. For these reasons, our prices are higher than the big gyms and closer to the middle range of the UK average. But you’ll struggle to find more results-focused, personal or private personal training in Northamptonshire.



Whatever your fitness level, you’ll get a training programme, workouts and a fitness progression specific to you, with movement and posture correction for free.



You’ll get a nutrition programme designed to get you the results you seek, with personal meal suggestions as standard. No fad diets, just effective advice.


Understanding, know-how

Our aim is to provide you with the lifestyle know-how to maintain physical and mental health, wellbeing and body confidence for the rest of your life.



You’ll get unlimited text or email access to your coach, insights reports and a monthly 1-1 consultation with a review of your progress.


Private and professional. Equipped for all users

client bench press


Spacious, calm, private

Are your looking for a personal fitness trainer in Northampton, operating from a private training studio? Then we have the perfect personal training environment for you. If you don’t like commercial gyms, you’ll love what we offer. Our personal training studio is clean, bright, calm and, above all, private. You won’t find any crowded fitness classes or intimidating cliques. You’ll only ever find a maximum of 3 clients training at any one time, so you can be fully focused on your training session.

As a client, you’ll enjoy the privacy of your personal training sessions and exclusive access to the equipment. You’ll get a pleasant, private personal training experience every time, in a spacious, safe environment. So you can calm your mind and enjoy maximum motivation for your workouts and fitness goal.


Functional and varied

Whatever your health and fitness goals, you’ll find the right equipment at our Northampton based studio to help you get results. And if you have injuries or movement constraints, there’s a variety of kit, so your personal trainer can work around them. As well as the big pieces of kit, you’ll find lots of accessories for fine tuning your personal training sessions.

Posture drills


Our approach

  • Results focused. Tell us your goals; your coach will design the programme.
  • Holistic. Exercise, nutrition, wellbeing, lifestyle and trainer support.
  • Scientifically sound. We’ve done the digging on weight loss and muscle science.
  • Data driven. We use data for motivation and accountability.
  • Sustainable. Achieve health and lifestyle change beyond your training programme.



Is your perfect personal trainer Northampton based and highly experienced? Then look no further.  Jon and Samantha spent many years in other sectors before moving to Northampton to set up this outstanding personal training service. They understand how hard it can be to maintain good health and ideal body composition whilst progressing a demanding career.

Jon went from fat to fit during his former corporate employment.

Samantha has maintained ripped abs ever since she was a ballerina.

They have the perfect credentials if you’re looking for a personal trainer to help you lose weight or build muscle.

Between them, Jon and Samantha have clocked up decades in the fitness industry and many thousands of hours of personal training experience. You’ll be hard pushed to find a more experienced personal trainer in Northampton. And they are determined to help you achieve fantastic fitness, muscle toning or weight loss results by providing the best personal training you can find.

Jon and Sam

The first step on your fitness journey

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