Private weight loss

Private weight loss for a supremely tailored experience

Are you looking for a private weight loss programme tailored to your goals and your lifestyle? Join us and we’ll design a private programme giving you tailored nutrition, tailored exercise and tailored lifestyle coaching – all this supported by all the coaching and support you need to achieve your fitness and conditioning goals.

If you need maximum personal focus and 1-1 exercise sessions, this private programme is for you.

A full health, fitness, diet, activity and calorie needs assessment

Exercise and fitness progression specific to your goals.

Your progress tracked in weekly and monthly insights reports.

Maximum levels of support

  1. 01

    A ‘set up for success’ and goal setting induction.

  2. 02

    Use of a Fitbit charge throughout the programme.

  3. 03

    A tailored exercise programme, 1-1 training and posture improvement.

  4. 04

    Unlimited text and email access to the coach.

  1. 06

    Tailored meal options reports.

  2. 07

    A tailored nutrition programme and 1-1 food know-how session.

  3. 08

    Information handouts and Life Force Fitness recommended food list

Incline dumbbell chest press

Is Private Weight Loss right for you?

Keep motivated. Track your progress

Monitoring and measuring your progress can be key to keeping yourself motivated.  If you agree, then this programme is for you. With the Private Weight Loss Programme, every workout is recorded.  We track your strength in key lifts, your ability to recover and your calorie burn. At your monthly check-in, we measure your body composition and fitness markers.  We measure your progress and keep you constantly up-to-date.

Prefer 1-1 coaching?

Would you prefer to enjoy the focus and attention of your own coach and 1-1 training? Then this programme is for you. With the Private Weight Loss Programme, every exercise session is 1-1 with your own coach.  The focus will be on you and your progress.  Your coach will get to know your abilities and limits and will get the best out of you in every session, ensuring optimal progress towards your goals.

Need rapid fat loss?

Do you need to lose weight quickly for a special occasion? Then this programme will give you the maximum levels of individual focus that you need. Our Private Weight Loss Programme will provide maximum focus from your own coach.  Your coach will create a programme to get you to where you need to be in the time available. Rapid weight loss can be tough. Having your own coach who can get the best out of you and support you day and night is the best way to get you the results you need.

Do you have specific goals?

If you have specific exercise goals and need a high degree of tailoring, then this programme is for you. With the Private Weight Loss Programme, everything is tailored for you:

  • * Your exercise programme
  • * Each workout
  • * Your exercise progression
  • * Your posture correction
Everything is tailored for you to give you the best chance of achieving your specific goals.





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