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15 top tips to avoid gaining weight

15 top tips to avoid gaining weight over the party season. If you don't drink you'll get respect rather than abuse - try it!

Do you tend to put weight on over the holiday season? Perhaps several kg? You’re not alone! It’s easily done. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can get through the party season without putting on anything. Apart from a snazzy outfit of course! Here are our 15 top

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Dynamic balance drills

Dynamic balance drills such as hop and stick will help you to become more resilient to trips and improve your agility in sport

Staying balanced when the body moves is more like real life than training in a single leg static position. Better equip yourself to deal with instability, protect against falls and become more agile in your sport by getting good at these dynamic balance drills. Static balance drills are great for training the vestibular system and

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The benefits of beans – be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

The benefits of beans include being low hassle. Like this Slow Cooker Chilli Black Bean Stew - here we show the list of ingredients

It’s still World Vegan Month. To mark this, we shared some information on the health benefits of lentils a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s the turn of beans, another great vegan food. When I was looking for ‘B’ words to go with beans I came across bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If you search for synonyms

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Static Balance Progressions

Static Balance Progressions: Standing stance, torso rotations on BOSU. This is a more advanced drill in the static balance progressions

Do you find yourself increasingly unsteady on your feet? Or perhaps you fall sometimes? Do you have to hold on to come down the stairs? Or perhaps you feel you don’t have balanced power in your sport? You would probably benefit from some balance training. These Static Balance Progressions would be a good start. Static

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The benefits of lentils: vitality, versatility and veganism!

Lentils and versatile and vegan. This image is of lentil porridge.

It’s World Vegan Month! What better way to mark this nutrition lifestyle choice than to share some info on one of our favourite vegan foods. Read on to discover all the benefits of lentils. If you tend to think of lentils as wacky vegetarian fodder and you avoid them, then think again! They are a

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High Intensity Resistance Interval Training

High Intensity Resistance Interval Training is a great way to work the entire body in a short space of time, ramp up the metabolism and burn loads of calories

Most of you will have heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It’s a great form of training, especially for those who are time poor. Below, we put a different slant on traditional HIIT workouts with High Intensity Resistance Interval Training. Do HIIT our way and you’ll be keeping it fresh and working every muscle

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The top 6 full body exercises

Client Dave midway through a 150kg deadlift with the hex bar. The deadlift is number one in the top 6 full body exercises.

What are the top 6 full body exercises? They are the ones that are going to give you maximal stimulation of as many muscles as possible in one exercise. There are many to choose from so, to some extent, it’s a matter of opinion. Here, we give you ours. Why should you care about full

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Are you a nut nut?

Are you a nut nut? Bowl of mixed nuts

Are you a nut nut? I know, I know. It’s a bit naff. But I couldn’t resist it. Do you like nuts, are you a fan? That’s the question. If you’re not, you might want to think about giving them another go. I used to really loathe nuts. I think maybe I’d been put off

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Are you ready to recover?

Are you ready to recover? Psoas stretch being demonstrated by Jon from Life Force Fitness

Are you ready to recover? When you finish your workout, do you rush outside into the cold? Are you under time pressure, keen to press on with the rest of the day? Just like the warm up, a cool down allows your body to adjust back to resting physiology. But, importantly, it’s a great time

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What can I eat for breakfast?

Roasted courgette, onion and pepper Fritatta. served with baked mushrooms and tomatoes

“What can I eat?”. This is one of the questions we get asked most by our clients. In this series of blogs we’ll attempt to answer that question. In this blog we talk about breakfast. To find out why this is a common question, take a look at the first of the series: ‘What can I

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