May 27, 2017 / by Jon Bellis / No Comments

It’s certainly been warm here in the UK over the past few days. Perhaps you are dusting off the cobwebs on the barbecue?

If you’re firing up the barbie as we speak, here are some ideas to keep you on track with your health and fitness plan.

Shun the burgers, sausages, drumsticks and ribs. Instead, try making your own skewers. Get some lean protein – chicken breast, turkey, lean steak, lean pork, monkfish – cut into chunks and alternate pieces of protein with slices of pepper, onion, mushroom or whatever else you fancy. Apply a few squirts of cooking spray before cooking and away you go! Use metal skewers to ensure the meat is cooked in the middle.

As an accompaniment, rather than white bread rolls, try new potatoes or a brown rice salad crammed with chopped veggies. Serve it all with a great big salad – go on, you can fill your boots with the salad – and you have a perfect balanced meal that won’t spoil your health and fitness efforts.

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