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A strategy to help you age well

Senior guy doing barbell back squats. Lifting weights is part of a strategy to help you age well

Hands up if you like getting old? Unless you’re in your teens or younger, I imagine you kept your hand firmly below your waist. No, it’s rubbish getting old, edging inexorably towards that meeting with your maker. For a large chunk of the population, getting older is accompanied by ailments and irritations. Joints start to

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20 New Year’s resolution mistakes you might be making

Might you be making one or more of these 20 New Year’s resolution mistakes? You’re all enthusiastic. You’ve joined a gym, you’ve got yourself some fancy new gym kit and a new pair of trainers. You’ve sorted out a workout playlist. You’re champing at the bit. You get off to a flyer in the first

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How to avoid yo-yo dieting

Weight cycling without weight lifting. Avoid yo-yo dieting if you don't want this to happen

We’ve all heard of yo-yo dieting, but what is it? It’s when you lose weight, only to put it all back on again. That’s not so bad, you might think. If you put it back on, you can always take it off again. After all, you’ve done it once; you can do it again. Well,

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Oct 30, 2021 / by Jon Bellis / No Comments

Five Best Hamstring Exercises

A picture of the hamstring muscle

This week we are continuing our feature where we provide our view on which are the top five exercises for different body parts. What are the criteria for selecting the ‘best‘ five exercises? They are those that build muscle, or tone, and do so in a balanced, aesthetically pleasing way. They should work well for

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Strategies to combat energy compensation

Man doing squats with great form. Resistance training is a great way to combat energy compensation

When you embark on a weight loss journey, it’s expected that, at some point, you will plateau. This is because, as you lose weight, you burn fewer calories moving your body around. At some point, your energy usage becomes low enough that it is equal to your energy intake. Your calorie deficit is wiped out,

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Why you should prioritise protein for weight loss success

Fruit and yoghurt in a glass. Prioritise protein for weight loss success.

Weight loss can be very challenging. If you’re trying to lose weight, or you’ve tried in the past, does the following sound familiar? You make a lot of changes, you’re more active, and you clean up your diet. Healthy foods are the only things on the menu, and you always cook from scratch. You start

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A bad lifestyle for body composition

Two people, showing legs walking. If the only exercise you do is walking, you'll lose muscle. That would be part of a bad lifestyle

Two-thirds of the adult population are overweight or obese. But it’s a sad fact that almost none of those people want to be overweight. And despite what you may read, very few of them are comfortable being overweight. Our personal training clients in Northampton always talk about how being overweight affects their energy levels, self-confidence

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Which somatotype are you?

The three somatotypes, showing the relationship between somatotype and body fat

Why are some people tall and skinny and others are stocky? Some women are apple-shaped, others are pear-shaped and some are hourglass shaped; why is that? Why do some men have a v-shape and others go straight up and down? These are all great questions. The short answer is that you inherit structural body dimensions,

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The biggest weight loss mistake

A bar full of empty beer glasses. Too much alcohol is very much part of a bad lifestyle

As a nation, we’ve been getting fatter for a few decades. Around two-thirds of the adult population in the UK is overweight or obese. So it’s no surprise that our most popular request from prospective clients is to lose weight. Most prospective clients come to us after trying various ways to shed the pounds. They

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Could you become a pescatarian?

Sesame Trout served on a bed of herb salad leaves Should you become a pescatarian?

Eating more fish could improve your health and help you contribute towards saving the planet! That’s a bold claim! Yes, it is. I’ll admit, it’s a slightly embellished and extremely concise summary of the reams of information out there about fish. But there’s a good deal of truth in it too.   Could you become

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