Why we get results

Everyone wants results from their health and fitness endeavours. There are plenty of good health and fitness organisations out there and enough variety to suit most people’s preferences. But it’s also the case that a lot of people invest time and money in their health and fitness but do not get the results? Why is that?


It could be any number of reasons. For example, perhaps they:

  • Haven’t got their nutrition right.
  • Are not doing enough or the right exercise.
  • Have set their expectations too high and get demotivated before they see good progress.
  • Have nobody to keep them accountable or to keep them motivated.
  • Are not sure what to do
  • Haven’t set themselves goals.


We’re confident that with our programmes you will get the results you seek. In fact, we offer a money back guarantee.

Why are we so confident? What sets us apart? Read on to find out…..

Fat loss requirements

1. You buy results

What does that mean?

Well for starters, it means you don’t buy membership and you don’t buy personal training sessions. For most people, those things don’t ensure results.

What it means is that you tell us what results you want, and we design a personalised programme of the right duration and with the right elements to get you the results you seek. You buy the programme, you buy results.


2. We take an holistic approach to getting results

What does that mean?

It means you don’t just get training, you get nutrition too and a lifetime of know-how to continue.


If you buy one of our programmes you get:

A bespoke exercise programme that aligns with your goals and capabilities, has the right progressions, addresses functional and postural issues and optimises fat loss.
Front squat
  • A bespoke nutrition programme that includes regularly updated calorie targets, meal breakdown, 2 hours of food coaching and meal planning advice, meal ideas tailored to your calorie breakdown and complimentary text/email Q&A on any aspect of your programme. We offer a recipe book too.

Food prep

  • Immersion in a lifestyle that is sensible, maintainable and healthy, so that all you have to do to maintain good health is carry on!


3. We are scientifically rigorous

What does THAT mean? It means we have spent a lot of time and effort reading and researching the science of fat loss and muscle gain so that you reap the rewards of the practices that really work.

The scientific approach to fat loss

We have

  • Cut through the jargon and sensationalism to understand what really stacks up scientifically.
  • Checked peer reviewed journals to ensure the credibility of different approaches.
  • Practised and honed the most effective approaches and adopted those in our programmes.


4. We use data to monitor and motivate

We capture a lot of data about you! This is used to make sure we know – in numbers – the starting point and progress of all our clients.


You will get all of the following measurements

  • Body composition – body fat %, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat, biological age, body water, minerals, proteins, fat mass, muscle balance and much more
  • Vital statistics – weight, waist, hips, chest, waist to hip ratio, BMI, basal metabolic rate, blood sugar, blood pressure, resting heart rate, VO2MaxWeight graph
  • Body shape – we use front and side on photographs to document progress both in fat loss and posture improvements
  • Strength and fitness – we chart our clients’ progress in total tonnes per workout, calories per workout, recovery and strength in the key lifts.
  • Calories – both ingested and expended – all our private clients get a Fitbit and are encouraged to log their food


5. We understand you

How come? Because we are more mature than the average trainer. We’re not fresh out of college, we’re worldly wise. We have worked in high pressure jobs in different industries, we’ve commuted in cars and on trains, we’ve raised families, we’ve suffered losses, we’ve picked up injuries and niggles along the way.

We understand how challenging life can be. We understand that certain exercises just won’t work. We can relate to you. We talk your language.

And because of that, we design better programmes that work for you, your lifestyle and your challenges.


On top of that, we also have a newly opened, bright, pristine, exclusive studio full of the latest brand new equipment.


Why not come and have a chat and we’ll explain how we can help you get results and reach your goals.

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