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Although the new studio has been open now for two months, the official launch was held last week, January 13th, 2018.

We’re proud of what we have created. It’s bright, clean and pristine with an exclusive ‘boutique’ studio feel. It’s full of brand new equipment catering for all ages and abilities. Take a look!

The event itself had an exciting buzz to it, with plenty of noisy chatter filling the room. We had a rolling video playing in the foyer, a push up competition won by Ross Laurence, a lateral raise competition won by Sam Barnard and lots of people having their body composition analysed.

The prize draw included a 28-day trial, posture assessment and food coaching from Life Force Fitness. We also had guest therapists all offering prizes:
• Access to the online course and a coaching session from Matt Hatson of Nexus8
• An examination and treatment from Chiropractor Magda Bispo of Wellbeing Chiropractic
• A Free Your Face session from Feldenkrais practitioner ö-Sel Nyima of Clearlight Bodymind Awareness
• A treatment from Osteopath Bob Allen of Sollus Healthcare
• A treatment from accupuncturist Monica Patel of Accupuncture by Monica

Before the prize draw, Jon gave a speech where he outlined what sets Life Force Fitness apart from other fitness companies
• We sell results rather than membership or ‘sessions’. That means you tell us what you want to achieve, we design the programme and advise how long it will take. The programme is what you buy. You get results because the programme has been designed specifically for you, for the length of time it will take to get you those results.

• Our approach is holistic, meaning we include exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes. For the nutrition element you’ll get calorie targets and meal breakdown, 2 hours of food coaching, meal ideas for hitting your macros, food logging, monitoring and commentary, and we also offer a recipe book.

• Our background is in science. We have spent many years researching and keeping up to date with the latest theories and practices of fat loss and muscle gain. You’ll benefit from the our knowledge on the subject which is backed predominantly by peer reviewed scientific evidence. We are confident in our approach because we have researched it and honed it.

• We use a lot of data to monitor and motivate. You’ll get a body composition analysis, progress charts, before and after photos, workout and strength tracking, as well as monitoring of health markers.
• We are more mature than the average trainers. We have lived. We’ve done high pressure jobs in other industries, we’ve commuted, we’ve raised families, we’ve had injuries and niggles along the way. We understand you and we design programmes that fit with your lifestyle and your abilities.

As well as all of this, visitors got to see some of the design ideas we have received for remodelling the toilets and putting in showers. This is something we are keen to provide so that clients who prefer morning or lunchtime slots can go straight to work after their session.

If you like the sound of the studio and our unique offering, why not give us a call or drop us an email to book a visit and a chat about your goals?

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