Our guarantee to you –

Our know-how + your persistence = great results


We don’t just give you an exercise programme and tell you to get on with it. Instead we immerse you in the practice of self improvement and healthy lifestyle. We’ll motivate you by:

  • providing wearable tech to give you insight into your levels of activity and all-round progress.
  • showing you how to log your food intake – getting you into good nutrition habits.
  • encouraging you to weigh or critique yourself every day so that you can see the impact of your new eating, exercise and lifestyle habits.
  • feeding back to you valuable insights about your progress.
  • interacting with you daily and supporting you throughout the journey.

By engaging fully in the practical implementation of the programmes we guarantee you’ll acquire the know-how to hit your goals, or adopt good habits and a healthy weight – for life!

We will show you how. We don’t just do personal training. We don’t just do nutrition. We don’t just do lifestyle coaching. We do all three. With this holistic approach, you’ll be giving yourself the very best chance of achieving your fitness and weight-loss goals.

If you need to be ready for an event, or if you’ve tried to lose weight before but failed, then you should contact us. We will get you results.

Our programmes have the following features….

01Holistic Approach

You’ll get exercise, diet, lifestyle and coaching support

02Highly Tailored

Exercise and nutrition tailored to your goals.


You will learn how to repeat your results or maintain them for a lifetime

04Free Fitbit and Reporting

You will receive insights derived from various devices.

05Scientifically Rigorous

Our approach is based on proven science

06Posture Perfect

Posture correction and awareness coaching with all programmes.


A Summary of our programmes

Private Conditioning

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  • Tailored exercise, nutrition & supplementation
  • 1-1 training sessions, injury avoidance
  • Text and email access to coach
  • Body composition
  • Contest preparation


Private Weight Loss

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  • Tailored exercise, posture and nutrition
  • 1-1 training sessions, Fitbit
  • Text and email access to coach
  • Body composition
  • Workout reports, weekly reports, meal options reports

Small Group PT

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  • 8-week standalone programme
  • Small group training sessions
  • Before and after body compositions
  • Personalised nutrition plan with meal options
  • 2 sessions per week, 45 minutes per session

Which is the right programme? Choose from...

* Conditioning – event, function or physique goals with maximum levels of individual focus.

* Private weight loss – for a personally tailored experience, maximum levels of individual focus and 1-1 exercise sessions.

* Small Group PT – Perfect rapid transformation programme. 8 week programme working with a small group to burn fat, tone muscle and build fitness levels.

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