Look at things from a different angle – our testimonials speak for themselves. See what our clients think of the Life Force Fitness programmes – how, since taking up one of our programmes, their lives have changed beyond all recognition.

Image showing Duncan and Tracy's transformation

Duncan and Tracy Webster: Lost 6st 6lbs combined

 “It’s been transformational. We couldn’t have done this on our own.”

Duncan and Tracy came to us with a joint goal to lose weight, but also with their own personal goals.
Duncan wanted initially to lose 8kg in weight. He also wanted to become more flexible, stand up straighter, keep his shoulders back and strengthen his ankles, legs and core.

Tracy wanted to lose 4kg. She also wanted to develop core strength, strengthen her back, improve her posture and get leaner so that she could fit into evening dresses. She had a vision of how lean she wanted to be.

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Nicola's transformation

 “I’ve taken away a happier self, and the tools to live a healthier life”

Nicola approached us in January 2018. “I just knew I wanted to feel better, I’d hit 50, I didn’t like the way my body felt or looked and how that made me feel about myself. I didn’t want the wobbly bits any more.”

“Life Force Fitness have helped me, without getting all gushing and tearful actually, in numerous ways. I’ve achieved a body but I’ve also achieved a lot of balance in my mind – I now walk like I deserve to be on the planet.”

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Roland - before and after side

“It’s just been incredible some of the things I find myself doing, I’m the most surprised person of all”

Roland was looking to lose a lot of weight. Although some of his health markers appeared to be ok, at 23 stones 8 lbs he was carrying a significant health risk. Speaking at the end of the programme, he said “I wanted to lose 4 stone over a 12-month period…I’ve gone just over 5 stones…..I’m absolutely delighted”

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Sara Penrose Before and After Right

“The support has been physical, mental and spiritual almost. It’s about a lifestyle change and [Life Force Fitness] supporting you with that. It’s not just a gym visit, it’s so much more than that.”

Sara’s main goal was to get her confidence back when going clothes shopping. That required her to lose weight.
“A year ago… it felt awful, and I’d end up in the changing room in tears. What I’ve got back is I can go into a store, think ‘yeah I love that’, pick it off the shelf, take it home….I know it’s going to suit me. That’s amazing!” she said. “I can’t thank Life Force Fitness enough for that”

Sara wanted to get to 63kg and we set this as her goal.

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Ray - before and after side.

Ray Payne: Lost 2 stones

“The whole programme has been totally life changing for me. I will be eternally grateful for the part Life Force Fitness has played in saving my life”

Ray came to us looking for a complete overhaul. “My goals were to lose weight, become physically fit again and, ideally, reverse my type 2 diabetes, which I’d heard was possible but most GPs say is not possible,” he revealed when reflecting on where he started. “I’ve lost over two stones in weight. Really importantly, I have reversed my type 2 diabetes which is absolutely fantastic, I’m over the moon about that,” he pronounced just after his final workout. “I will be eternally grateful for the part Life Force Fitness has played in saving my life”

“If you are focused, determined, self disciplined and committed, and with the expert support and advice of this programme, then you can achieve the impossible.”

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Tim Smith's before and after photos

Tim Smith: Lost 3 st 3lbs

“They showed me that I could change. As soon as they worked with me to help me understand the right [way] forward, suddenly results started to come.”

It was Tim’s 60th year and it felt like an appropriate time for him to face up to the challenges of losing weight. But he also was prepared to be patient, to lose weight in a steady, healthy and sustainable way. “I lost just over 20kg, improved my posture, felt better, started to eat more sensibly and ended up with a sustainable approach to fitness and eating,” he said after the first phase. “I’ve really ended up with a way to approach life and food and fitness that I can take forward”

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Lee - post programme

Lee Budd: Lost 2st 11lbs

“What you taught me about how the body works was a massive shock. When we lost the first stone, the feeling was emotional, euphoric, a great feeling. When the sugar levels and blood pressure were down massively, you’re just buzzing. It’s such a massive difference, I can’t explain it.” “I’d like to thank you for really changing my life, I couldn’t recommend Life Force Fitness high enough.”

“When I weighed myself a few months ago, I was in shock. I was embarrassed, I could have cried”, he confessed. “I couldn’t see a way out”. After 3 months on our Private Fat Loss Programme he lost almost 3 stone, improved his blood sugar from diabetic to normal and his blood pressure from pre-high to normal.

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Claire comparison photo

“I managed to get down below my target weight. I also managed to improve my overall appearance and my definition. I couldn’t do it on my own, without the help, I didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge.”

Claire lost nearly 9kg at her peak but has since decided she looks and feels better a couple of kg heavier. She has improved her tone, her posture, her eating habits, and her understanding and knowledge. Most importantly, she is now happier and more confident.

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Ross - before and after side

Ross Laurence: -3st 11lbs of fat, +7lbs muscle

“After training for 7 months I’m now in better shape than I’ve ever been. When I came to the gym, saw what they had, I knew it was the right environment for me.”

“The nutrition, training and cardio built all as one, was very simple with Life Force Fitness. They planned it all out for me, I didn’t have to think, which is great for me because I have a million other things I’m doing at the same time. It’s been great fun, I’ve smashed it and I’ll be back!”

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Before and after transformation of James Hogg, pt client

James Hogg: -24lbs Fat, +2lbs Muscle

“My energy levels have been incredible, I’m feeling a lot more positive both inside and out.” he pronounced. “A new me… that’s what’s come out of it.”

“The biggest thing I can take back from this is the sense of achievement and the encouragement I’ve been given by the staff at Life Force Fitness. I’ve had some of the best coaching I’ve had in my entire life. I’ve taken me away from the programme. A new me.”

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Mark side compare

Mark Sherrocks: -5.5lbs of fat, +5.5lbs muscle

“I’m much more confident in how I use the gym, I’m doing exercises I never did before and I’m working out at an intensity I never did before – that’s the biggest achievement for me”

Adam Brown before and after comparison.

Adam Brown: Lost 2 stones

I have been training with Jon for four months now and find Jon to be professional, supportive and motivational.

I can’t express enough my thanks for the results we have achieved for our many hours in the gym working on building strength, muscle growth while learning the proper form and technique in weight lifting and overall good health. He also has a broad knowledge of nutrition that is key to achieve my goals.

The sessions are tough but enjoyable.
Jon is extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set. The workouts are always different and I look forward to each session.

With Jon’s help and support I am stronger, more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, I feel more confident and energised.
He really cares about his clients and their results, I feel this every time I enter the studio.

If you are thinking about personal training, I highly recommend calling Jon and take the first step. You will not regret it!

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Kathryn Ozlati

“The results have proven the programme is working and has completely re educated me regarding healthy food choices and the need for exercise.”

I first met Jon from Lifeforce Fitness studio in November last year. I swiftly committed to a six month plan. I attend three times a week and have in this time lost 1.5 stones. ( so far).The training sessions are tailor made for me by Samantha who is mindful of my arthritis and joint replacement issues.

Samantha is focussed and entirely supportive. I have been guided through diet and foods which are needed to ensure my weight loss to reach my target. Having never felt at home in a gym environment, I am amazed to say that I actually enjoy and look forward to my training. The results have proven the programme is working and has completely re educated me regarding healthy food choices and the need for exercise.

. I wholeheartedly recommend Lifeforce fitness and their focussed highly qualified personal trainers. Without their help, I would never have believed in myself or managed to get healthy , importantly inside( visceral fat loss too) and out.

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Private client, 64

Put simply: Jon has changed my life. I knew I was unfit, I knew I needed to lose weight – but I also knew that I had some specific problems following surgery on both of my feet to correct a long-standing condition. Previous experiences with trainers haven’t been happy, as they have either been ignorant or dismissive about my condition. Jon, on the other hand, has gone out of his way to research into now my foot problems might be affecting me.

He has devised specific exercises for me, and has chopped and changed these according to how well they have worked. He has gone out of his way to respect my trepidation about doing things that I fear might end up hurting – but has pushed me to go further… and I am amazed at what I have been able to achieve. This means that I am now able to walk around much more confidently than I could before and I have a much better understanding of what I can and can’t do.

In terms of general strength and conditioning Jon has a vast repertoire of exercises that he suggests as appropriate – and I have been astonished at how my strength has increased, and my posture improved. It’s been tough, but is so worth it. I used to run out of breath so quickly – but those days are past.

I haven’t been as model a pupil as I should have been in terms of weight loss – so initial success has rather plateaued. But rather than tell me off Jon is gently encouraging me back onto the straight and narrow. He is keen on constantly checking progress, and suggestions about weight-loss are based on real evidence, rather than the latest fad.

I find it hard to commend LifeForce Fitness enough. I never thought I would look forward to lifting weights, but things have changed….

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Robyn Bone

“You really don’t understand what it means to me the change you have created, not only have you helped her physically, but also mentally.”

After my fiancée’s cardiac event aged just 27 years old, I met Jon 8 months later. I explained the situation and he was more than happy to speak to her as other places would not. At this time Robyn’s confidence was rock bottom, mentally and physically. It scared her to even chase the kids at the park, take the them swimming or any physical activity. We met Jon and Samantha at the gym a week later and they both made Robyn feel at ease, assuring her she would be the only one in the gym.

Samantha took this even further by researching her heart condition and to make her feel even more at ease. She put a heart monitor on her to help build her confidence. Fast forward a few weeks and Samantha was concerned she wasn’t hitting her goals but didn’t want to knock her confidence so she called me to discuss.

Between us both we realised her goal was not weight loss or even to get fitter and healthier but to bring her confidence back. So Samantha scrapped the food plan and offered her an extra session in the gym free of charge because she now saw it was to rebuild her confidence in herself.

This attention to detail From Jon and Samantha led to me noticing this immense change around 10 weeks later. Robyn will now chase the kids at the park. The other day she was on the trampoline not worrying about anything.

I genuinely believe the work Life Force Fitness have done have made this change – without it, she would still be seeing that her body has let her down, but Samantha has shown her she can do it. You really don’t understand what it means to me the change you have created, not only have you helped her physically, but also mentally. So from the whole family, we thank you.

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client before and after transformation from the side

Eliza Wyldes: Lost 1st 12lbs

“I achieved my greater fitness, a better belief in myself, that I could actually do it. There was a lot of apprehension in starting the programme because it was something that was totally alien to me. It’s given me the confidence now to go on to actually try more fitness, different types of fitness and to try to work it into my lifestyle.”

“You completely gave me the confidence and gave me the support to not be concerned about going forwards. The support was great.”

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Dave Bray Before and After Right

Dave Bray: -15.4lbs Fat, +2.2lbs Muscle

 “My body shape has transformed, I’ve lost a lot around my stomach, I’ve toned a lot, my posture’s improved no end and I’ve found my mojo again!”

“Although I’ve had personal training before as a member of a gym, this is really very different, more focused. The wellbeing improvement has been tremendous.”

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Iwona - post programme

Iwona Nadstawna: Lost 5kg

“I am very happy, I feel better, I feel like I have more energy, it’s great, I really like it. My skin looks better, my hair are not falling like before. Life Force Fitness helped me to achieve my goals. You were next to me, you helped me a lot. I did much more than I expected to do, I didn’t believe in myself this much.”

Iwona Nadstawna came to us looking to regain her former glory. She had been lean and mean once but had been sedentary for a few years. We set a modest target of 5kg weight loss and achieving ‘athlete’ body fat. Not only did she hit her target but she listed a number of other benefits. Reflecting on the journey and her achievements, she declared “Actually now I feel I can do anything”.

Iwona has a sedentary office based job and she commutes to work in the car. Normally for sedentary lifestyles we would reduce calorie intake to below a standard day’s calorie expenditure. However, because of the relatively modest target, we were able to match her intake to her baseline expenditure and use the additional exercise to create the required calorie deficit. That helped Iwona to avoid hunger throughout the day.

A key part of the exercise programme was weight training. We were able to increase Iwona’s strength week on week in key functional lifts such as the deadlift, squat and overhead press. This helped her build some muscle so that as her body fat levels decreased, a nice tone to her arms, shoulders and legs became evident.

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Clive - before and after side

Clive and Karen Hawes: Lost 4st 6lbs combined

“I saw the cost of the programme as an investment in life and have been extremely satisfied that it has delivered everything I had hoped for.”

I would like to thank you for the expert tuition and coaching provided since the end of January. When we met for the 2 hour food coaching session we set targets for my wife Karen and I to meet over the following months. However, I never expected the exercise part to be easy given that the last time I really exercised was when I was 20 and the results speak for themselves.

The food on the other hand has been a revelation. Back in 2008, I lost 4 stone (25kg) in S months. I now know that I did this the wrong way (i.e starvation) and had got into the habit of not eating enough let alone enough of the right things!

To my surprise, I have been eating more calories than I have eaten in the last 10 years and have now lost nearly 2.5 stone (15kg) on your programme. I also now feel equipped to manage my weight in the future whatever my level of exercise. I am stronger, fitter, and can actually get into the orange shirt I bought back in 2008 which always felt just that little bit too tight to wear. Indeed, I am now at the lowest weight I have been in the last 35 years.

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Sam - before and after side

Sam Sayer: -17.6lbs fat, +2.2lbs muscle

“Having always been a member of a gym, eating a (reasonably) healthy diet and remaining active, I’d never seemed to crack weight loss. A 6 month course with Life Force Fitness changed all that.”

The initial consultation –  set up for success – was fantastic. Jon helped me work out some goals, we established a meal plan that could fit around a busy lifestyle, and even allowed for the occasional beer provided I balanced my calorie intake suitably! The science behind it really blew me away though. With so many fad diets and ‘essential’ exercises around it’s hard to work it all out – but with Jon’s explanation it made sense, was grounded in fact rather than fad and has changed my outlook on food and exercise for life.
The sessions were tough, but Jon perfectly balances that middle ground between drill sergeant and supportive colleague – he instils belief and constantly monitors the performance to ensure you’re lifting correctly, ensuring existing ailments aren’t affected. I struggled to get through the first few sessions but Jon analysed my day, and with a few tweaks to meal breakdown and timing, I was raring to go through each session, surprising myself with how much I could achieve each time.
Big thanks to Jon and the Life Force Fitness team for changing my life – I am so much more confident in myself, can wear my shirts again and am getting up early mornings to exercise regularly too!

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Thomas McCarthy Before and After Right

Thomas McCarthy:  +7lbs Muscle

“I really enjoyed pushing myself….admiring what I’d actually managed to achieve… that’s probably the best feeling I’ve had”

Thomas’ goal was to put on some muscle. He had always been skinny, but that wasn’t something he wanted.
“There is a real sense of accomplishment in what I’ve actually managed to do”, he said. “The self confidence boost this has given me too…. I’m more happy in my own skin”. Thomas just wanted to gain muscle, but we set a target of 3kg weight gain initially. The aim was for most of this to be muscle

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Janet - testimonial

“I feel more grounded, my posture is a lot better and I’ve lost 8 lbs over 6 weeks”, she declared after the programme. She continued “I just feel more youthful, more energised.”

“Nutrition was all over the place and I knew that, so I did need some help”. Janet has a relatively sedentary job, yet we still wanted to see some good weight loss in 6 weeks. We cut some calories out of her diet and increased exercise. We showed her how to eat to feel fuller for longer, with sustained energy levels for the whole day. “It’s not ‘a diet’ it’s learning to live and eat differently,” she observed of the nutrition guidance.

Janet had never really trained with weights before so, although we introduced her straight away to the ‘big moves’, we made sure that technique was nailed before we loaded up. “They didn’t put too many demands on me, they went at my pace, and with the results I got, I was really really pleased,” she said. “I know for a fact that if I was going to a gym on my own I’d have given up weeks ago,” she admitted. “They were encouraging, and they were always there if you needed help. I can do all sort of things that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do.”

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steve collett testimonial

Steve Collett

“I stripped fat and became stronger than ever before, even beating the boxing training I used to do years before. With the help of additional nutritional advice, I built muscle particularly in the biceps. I’d developed huge gains in my overall fitness. When training alone I was able to use the correct posture and techniques. I could do things that I couldn’t do before, like unassisted pull-ups.”

“I wanted to strip fat and build muscle. I was unsure if I would be able to lift heavy weights. Posturally speaking, I was a disaster. Being tall and having spent years at a desk, meant certain areas were weak, mainly the chest and back.

Life Force Fitness are the ultimate motivators. I’d had PT before, but no one was comparable. We started off with easy steps, building up the weights over the weeks. Soon I was lifting weights I never knew I would be capable of. In turn, this built my confidence and laid any reservations to rest. They supplemented my training with sound nutritional advice, within weeks I was noticing huge changes.

Life Force Fitness have a unique balance of being caring and motivational at the same time. I was getting some pain during barbell squats. I remember being disheartened that I’d hit a plateau. Jon, my coach, tried slightly altering the technique and experimenting with different equipment. We eventually settled on a “manta ray” device, that sits on the barbell, and ensures that you have the correct placement across the back.”

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matt low testimonial

“They take huge satisfaction from seeing progress and you hitting your objectives – they measure each little step so you feel very motivated. I cannot recommend Life Force Fitness highly enough”

“Life Force Fitness have a demanding but very supportive manner. You feel like they really want to understand your training objective and get you there, but not at all costs, and not if it leads to feeling demotivated and not keeping my training going.

My goals were to increase muscle and strength leading to feeling healthier. I also wanted to try and reduce weight slightly as a by-product but that was not my main priority.

Before we started I was worried that I was not in good enough shape to deal with intense training and that there was a chance of injury. Jon is personally very active and athletic and I had concerns he would have very high expectations and I would not meet these. These fears we unfounded, as I was progressed at a pace which, though demanding, was safe and achievable.

I enjoyed the training variety and was particularly impressed with the way progress was monitored. As a result of the programme I hit new PBs for different weight exercises. I felt physically much fitter, the fittest I have ever been even though I have always been a gym member. I discovered new levels on intensity with my training that I have tried to maintain afterwards.

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miker combe testimonial

Mike Larcombe

“It was quickly apparent that you understood my concerns about time and practicality, and came up with sensible suggestions about how to work around the issues. You also set very realistic expectations and quickly seeing the effects in line with goals provided even more motivation.” In total I lost 3 stone over about a year. I learned how to control my weight and body composition through relatively simple processes. I gained motivation. I didn’t want to ‘cheat’ and let down the science behind what Life Force Fitness was measuring. You explained the science, but also provided realistic suggestions as to how I could fit the programme in with my existing lifestyle.

My goals were to lose some weight, to make it easier to get a bit fitter, and to live a bit longer! I was worried it would be too ‘full on’, nothing but mung beans and lentils. I was worried I’d be permanently hungry or craving comfort food. I was worried I might ‘fail’ at it, not stick to the plan and not get the result.

It was quickly apparent that you understood my concerns about time and practicality, and came up with sensible suggestions about how to work around the issues. You also set very realistic expectations and quickly seeing the effects in line with goals provided even more motivation. The monitoring was thorough and I knew I couldn’t ‘cheat’ my results somehow. On some weeks where I hadn’t lost any weight, seeing that my % fat was down and % muscle was up provided the motivation to continue.

Whilst I definitely have the education now, I have still chosen not to follow a healthy programme, and have put back on the weight that I lost. I feel a bit bad about that, but somehow haven’t found the self-motivation that our regular sessions used to provide. This is the main thing that’s gone by the wayside more recently without the accountability and motivation that Life Force Fitness provided.

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Neil mugshot

“I feel fitter, have more energy and am in pretty good shape for a +50 year old. I don’t think I would have been able to say any of those things were it not for Life Force Fitness!”

I still work out, run 20-30km a week and enjoy it. This is a fair while after my first session with Life Force Fitness.

I approached Life Force Fitness with a view to getting fitter and losing a bit of weight. They worked out a program, taking into account my goals, age (40’s) and how often I would be able to train. We began the personal training sessions – they were tough but enjoyable – and the results were quick to come.

To keep things fresh Jon, my coach, would change the sessions to make sure they adapted to my improving fitness and to ensure it didn’t get monotonous. He also helped me look at my lifestyle and diet: it’s amazing what a difference taking an interest can do for your body and mind.

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