Programme: Private Weight Loss

When Iwona first came to us she was unhappy with the way she looked. “I was looking to achieve a nice body, perfect body, to lose my fat,” she conceded, and went on, “to feel how I was feeling before when I was fit”.

We set a modest target of 5kg in 3 months and to achieve ‘Athlete’ body fat levels (under 21%).




25% to 20%


Much better!


12 weeks


The first activity in her programme was our ‘Set up for Success’ induction. This comprised:

  • Taking measurements and photographs to benchmark Iwona’s starting point.
  • Looking at her daily activity levels and benchmarking her daily calorie expenditure.
  • Setting a goal. Iwona wanted to lose 5kg in 3 months.
  • Setting a level for her calorie intake. We kept her calories at baseline expenditure, 1,900, and aimed to create a deficit through daily exercise.
  • Providing guidance on food intake and a sample diet.
  • Constructing an exercise programme consisting mainly of cardiovascular exercise and weight training.


From day one, we always keep a frequent dialogue with the client to enable them to settle into a new lifestyle. We made the following observations and took the following actions:

  • Iwona adapted to the programme almost instantly. Her weight tracked her target as expected.
  • As time went on, her job did not allow her to perform the morning cardio programme as prescribed, so we gave Iwona an alternative evening cardio blast to keep her on track.
  • The only blip in Iwona’s progress came during a 2 week holiday, but she quickly reversed the effects of that and got back on track.


The exercise programme had the following elements:

Cardiovascular exercise to

  • Strengthen her heart, lungs and vascular system.
  • Improve her ability to burn fat as a fuel.
  • Improve her health markers and resting heart rate.
  • Burn some extra calories.

Weight training to

  • Enable her to maintain or increase muscle whilst losing weight.
  • Provide a metabolic cascade of beneficial fat loss effects.
  • Increase her tone so that this would be revealed once the body fat levels reduced.

“…the weekly updates and progress reports gave me motivation to continue… I feel like I have more energy now; I feel like I can do anything”



Iwona - before programme


Iwona - post programme

Health markers

Iwona’s health markers were pretty good to start with but were nevertheless improved. Her VO2Max went from ‘Above average’ to ‘Good’, her resting heart rate from ‘Above average’ to ‘Athlete’, and her body fat levels from ‘Average’ (25%) to ‘Athlete’ (20%).

Graph showing clients weight loss

Weight loss

Iwona lost the target 5kg in 3 months. It was a fairly steady and consistent weight loss and was as expected

Iwona Strength Progressions 3

Strength gains

Here are some of the gains in Iwona’s key lifts. There are certain lifts that we regard as essential to any lifting programme, such as the deadlift and squat. Iwona got stronger in these lifts week on week.


General wellbeing

Iwona reported herself that she felt better, had a lot more energy, had better looking skin and her hair stopped falling out! She also had a renewed sense of self belief.


Iwona had a very challenging time in her personal life during the period of the programme. She performed exceptionally well to keep up the diet and exercise programme. Only through being consistent was Iwona able to maintain her progress.
After the programme, Iwona sent a lovely thank you card to us. It reads:

“Without you I probably would have given up. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. You are pretty awesome at being a trainer Jon :-). Thank you for guidance and focus. Without you I couldn’t do what I did”

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