Programme: Strength & Conditioning

Mark had been getting weaker and the weights he’d been using in the gym had been getting lighter. He was looking to improve his overall fitness, he wanted to tone up and lose some body fat. After the programme, he pronounced: “I’m stronger than I was six and a half months ago, I’ve gained 2.5kg of muscle and lost 2.5kg of fat”. He went on to say “I’m much more confident in how I use the gym, I’m doing exercises I never did before and I’m working out at an intensity I never did before – that’s the biggest achievement for me”
“I was frightened I wouldn’t be able to do it. I thought joint problems would prevent me from doing stuff. But you pushed me and actually, yeah, I could do it!”






12.0 to 8.3


6 months


The first activity in his programme was our ‘Set up for Success’ induction. This comprised:

  • Taking measurements and photographs to benchmark Mark’s starting point.
  • Benchmarking his daily calorie expenditure.
  • Setting a goal. Mark’s goals were about strength, tone, posture and body composition but we set a weight gain of 3kgs
  • Setting an initial level for his calorie intake. We cut calories and assumed a calorie burn from exercise.
  • Providing coaching on food intake. This included food theory and diet construction.
  • Constructing an exercise programme consisting of weight training and cardiovascular exercise.


We keep a constant dialogue with clients to enable them to get the most from the programme. With Mark we made the following observations and took the following actions:

  • Mark was initially nervous about eating more as he was worried about putting on fat.
  • Once he realised that the way he was training enabled him to gain muscle weight and lose fat weight, he was more comfortable with it.
  • Mark had to be a little stricter during the programme to ensure the gains were muscle rather than fat. For example, he dropped his cream cake habit for the duration of the programme.


The exercise programme had the following elements:

Cardiovascular Exercise to

  • Strengthen his heart, lungs and vascular system.
  • Improve his ability to burn fat as a fuel.
  • Improve his health markers and resting heart rate.

Weight training to

  • Enable him to build or retain muscle whilst losing weight.
  • Provide a metabolic and hormonal cascade of beneficial effects.
  • Improve his movement, posture and functional capability

“A couple of achievements I’m really pleased about: my posture is much better than before and I don’t get as much back ache as before.”


Before   After

Mark side compare

Before   After

mark front compare

Body Stats

Mark gained nearly 3 inches on his chest, 2 inches on his shoulders, 0.75 inches on his arms and an inch on his legs..

mark sherrock graph

Body Composition

Mark gained 2.5kg of muscle and lost 2.5kg fat. He achieved 8% body fat.


Mark was able to remove body fat whilst building lean muscle tissue. He managed to add 2.5kg of muscle, adding good size to his chest, shoulders and arms. With reduced body fat and improved posture, this gave him a much fitter and athletic looking physique.

“I’ve looked at other personal trainers. This was much more considerate, much more oriented to what I could achieve personally, he said. “The feeling of personal gain, seeing the weights go up. I’d go ‘I can’t do that, there’s no way,’ and then to actually be able to do it, that’s a really good feeling of achievement””

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