What are the best low GI foods?

Picture full of varied coloured beans. The best low GI foods

What are the best low GI foods? That might not be a question you ask yourself currently. Maybe you don’t give Glycaemic Index a second thought? You’d probably should, though. You’d be able to improve your health if you did. What is the Glycaemic Index (GI)? And why is it important? We look at those

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Are you health conscious, calorie unconscious?

Are you health conscious, calorie unconscious? “I eat really healthily but I just can’t seem to lose weight”. Is this you? You might be health conscious, calorie unconscious. Are you exercising regularly, eating a really healthy diet but struggling to lose weight? There could be a good reason for that. Remember, the weight you gain

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The best supplements for everyday health

man organising supplements for everyday health

Have you ever opened a health and fitness magazine and been bombarded by adverts for supplements? Some are for general health and some are for fitness. They can all sound quite compelling! But which ones really work or really make a difference? We give you our view of the best supplements for everyday health and

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The benefits of beans – be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

a mixture of ingredients, mainly beans

It’s still World Vegan Month. To mark this, we shared some information on the health benefits of lentils a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s the turn of beans, another great vegan food. When I was looking for ‘B’ words to go with beans I came across bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If you search for synonyms

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The benefits of lentils: vitality, versatility and veganism!

bowl of lentil porridge, showcasing the benefits of lentils

It’s World Vegan Month! What better way to mark this nutrition lifestyle choice than to share some info on one of our favourite vegan foods. Read on to discover all the benefits of lentils. If you tend to think of lentils as wacky vegetarian fodder and you avoid them, then think again! They are a

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Are you a nut nut?

Bowl of mixed nuts to demonstrate are you a anut nut?

Are you a nut nut? I know, I know. It’s a bit naff. But I couldn’t resist it. Do you like nuts, are you a fan? That’s the question. If you’re not, you might want to think about giving them another go. I used to really loathe nuts. I think maybe I’d been put off

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What can I eat for breakfast?

Roasted courgette, onion and pepper Fritatta. served with baked mushrooms and tomatoes

“What can I eat?”. This is one of the questions we get asked most by our clients. In this series of blogs we’ll attempt to answer that question. In this blog we talk about breakfast. To find out why this is a common question, take a look at the first of the series: ‘What can I

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Could you become a pescatarian?

Sesame Trout served on a bed of herb salad leaves Should you become a pescatarian?

Eating more fish could improve your health and help you contribute towards saving the planet! That’s a bold claim! Yes, it is. I’ll admit, it’s a slightly embellished and extremely concise summary of the reams of information out there about fish. But there’s a good deal of truth in it too.   Could you become

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What can I eat for…er…drinks

ingredients for a healthy drink

What can I eat for…er…drinks? That’s a strange title for a blog, I know. Well, it’s because it’s part of a “What can I eat?” series, you see. Drinks get swallowed and digested just like food. Some drinks offer meal sized calorie content, so drinks really need to be part of the series! “What can

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What would you choose from this menu?

Healthy option from a menu whilst eating out

The eating out challenge If you’re trying to lose or maintain weight then eating out can be a challenge. Most restaurateurs aren’t as concerned with the calorie content of their food as us consumers. They want their customers to love their food and say great things about it. They know that we evolved to love

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