Top 10 Foods for Healthy Weight Loss

If you know our approach to nutrition, you’ll know that we are huge advocates of variety in the diet. So, it may seem odd that we have written a ‘top 10 foods’ article. First of all, let’s be clear, variety is by far the best strategy for optimising health. This top 10 list is a

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Veganism Pros and Cons

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Veganism is unquestionably on the rise. If you want to get a feel for just how quickly and markedly this lifestyle choice is gaining popularity, just look at the stats presented by The Vegan Society here. Usually the rationale for going vegan relates to animal welfare or environmental considerations. But, how does a vegan diet

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Is Low Carb the right approach?

Is low carb the right approach. Northampton personal trainers, weight loss, muscle

The low carb approach to dieting is very popular. It is viewed as a good approach if you want to lose weight. But is it the right approach? Is it even an effective approach? In my view no. For a small number of people it might be the best approach, but for the vast majority

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Love your vegetables

Vegetables. Personal trainers, Northampton, weight loss, muscle

Vegetables are one of the most powerful tools in your weight loss arsenal. Why is that? Because they are filling and, generally, low in calories. So, you can fill your face with them and not worry about getting too many calories. That’s going to stop you getting hungry for a long time despite the relatively

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Raspberry ice-yog

Indulgence; Northampton personal trainer; Northampton weight loss

Here’s a simple idea to provide a little indulgence after dinner.   The video is one from the archives. It was taken before the discovery of landscape video and involves a headless man!   We all like a little of something sweet after our meal. A lot of people will reach for the chocolates or

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Delicious red cabbage

Red cabbage recipe. Northampton fat loss specialists

Think you don’t like red cabbage? Think again! This is one of my favourite dishes of all time. It’s so tasty! You will need onion, garlic, apple, bacon, fennel seeds, balsamic vinegar… oh and a red cabbage. It’s a warming, hearty dish that is perfect for winter. It’s also a good one to serve up

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Food game – answers

Northampton personal trainer, weight loss, personal training, fitness

Yesterday you were asked to score these foods from 1: super-unhealthy to 5: super-healthy. Here are the answers. Ok it’s a little subjective. This is the Life Force Fitness view of these foods. Remember we’re all about weight loss and metabolic health. Donut – ok so I put this one in to get you off

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Jerk Chicken Salad

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It’s definitely starting to feel autumnal, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop eating salad. Maybe you don’t even eat salad, you find it boring? Well for sure, the common combo of iceberg, cucumber, tomato is definitely boring. Try this jerk chicken salad. Not only is it very tasty but it’s hearty enough to

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Educating your palate will help you lose weight

Northampton weight loss specialists; fat loss specialists; healthy food; Nutrition

Our pesky genes make it easy for us to put on weight and hard for us to take it off!   Our genes haven’t change at all since the days when we were hunting, gathering and generally spending most of our time finding our next meal. Food wasn’t plentiful like it is today. Our genes

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Three great ideas for calorie control

Northampton Weight Loss Specialists, fat loss, nutrition

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you a chocoholic? You might like this food tip. Here are three handy ingredients to help keep your calorie intake down whilst enjoying some indulgence. Use a calorie free sweetener to sweeten your food. Use it in tea and coffee, with your oats, on berries etc. We use

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