Love your vegetables

Tray of veg ready for baking. Love your vegetables

Vegetables are one of the most powerful tools in your weight loss arsenal. Why is that? Because they are filling and, generally, low in calories. So, you can fill your face with them and not worry about getting too many calories. That’s going to stop you getting hungry for a long time despite the relatively

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Educate your taste buds to help you lose weight

Chicken breast and healthy salad. Educate your taste buds to like unprocessed food and it'll help you lose weight

You’ve heard of the word ‘moreish’. It’s used to describe foods that make you want to have more of them. What sorts of foods usually earn this label? Let’s face it; it’s not healthy stuff like apples, broccoli, chicken breast or lentils. It’s usually biscuits, ice cream, crisps or sweet things. I used to find

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Three reasons to avoid sugar

Shredded wheat. Shredded wheat has a high GI, which is one of the reasons to avoid sugar

It’s a time of year – Christmas 2020 – when our sugar intake goes up dramatically. Although Easter is very sugary, I’d wager Christmas tops it. Without wishing to spoil your fun, there are lots of good reasons to avoid sugar this Christmas. Do you ever find that, after Christmas, you have developed a new

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Healthy meals in Northampton

Crunchy salmon, available where you can eat healthy in Northampton

For many, the demands of modern life make eating healthily a challenge. In this week’s article, we tell you where you can get your healthy meals in Northampton. From takeaway alternatives to regular meal prep, there is one place that offers it all. Keep reading to find out more…   A matter of convenience Over

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The best food shop in Northampton

Tarka Dal made with fava beans with red lentil flatbreads. All ingredients available at the best food shop in Northampton: Daily Bread

We want to tell you about the best food shop in Northampton. It’s an independent shop hidden away off the Bedford Road. There’s something about independent food shops that fascinates us. We behave as if we were at a museum or exhibition, taking one step every 30 seconds, staring at the exhibits, pointing at them,

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Veganism Pros and Cons

Salad of tomatoes, bread, olives and leaves. Veganism pros and cons

Are you thinking about going vegan? Before you do, you might want to read about the veganism pros and cons. Veganism is unquestionably on the rise. If you want to get a feel for just how quickly and markedly this lifestyle choice is gaining popularity, just look at the last bullet in the stats presented

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Why it’s important to have fibre in your diet

Close up of thick porridge with blueberries. Why it's important to have fibre in your diet

Have you ever wondered why it’s important to have fibre in your diet? Even if you haven’t, you might find some eye-openers in this article. Let’s start with a question. Do you look at food labels? Have you noticed what’s listed there? Carbohydrate, protein and fat are listed because the government has made recommendations about

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Losing weight – quality matters

A tray of vegetables ready for the oven. When it comes to losing weight - quality matters

For decades now the government had been advising people to follow a diet that is based around starchy carbohydrates and to limit their fat intake, particularly of saturated fat. They make the following recommendations regarding % energy derived from different macronutrients: Protein: 9% Fat: less than 35% Carbs: at least 55%   However, people have

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What are the best low GI foods?

Picture full of varied coloured beans. The best low GI foods

What are the best low GI foods? That might not be a question you ask yourself currently. Maybe you don’t give Glycaemic Index a second thought? You’d probably should, though. You’d be able to improve your health if you did. What is the Glycaemic Index (GI)? And why is it important? We look at those

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Are you health conscious, calorie unconscious?

“I eat really healthily but I just can’t seem to lose weight”. Is this you? You might be health conscious, calorie unconscious. Are you exercising regularly, eating a really healthy diet but struggling to lose weight? There could be a good reason for that. Remember, the weight you gain or lose is entirely governed by

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