Are you health conscious, calorie unconscious?

Salmon, avocado, pine nuts, oily dressing. Helathy, yes. Low-calorie, no! DO you eat like this and wonder why you're not losing weight? You might be health conscious, calorie unconscious

“I eat really healthily, but the weight is not going down”. Is this you? You might be health-conscious, calorie-unconscious. Are you exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet but struggling to lose weight? There could be a good reason for that. Remember, your calorie balance entirely governs the weight you gain or lose. In other words,

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The benefits of lentils: vitality, versatility and veganism!

bowl of lentil porridge, showcasing the benefits of lentils

Veganism is becoming increasingly de rigueur these days. After all, it’s generally healthy and ecologically and environmentally far less impactful than a diet based on meat. What better way to celebrate this nutrition lifestyle choice than to share some info on one of our favourite vegan foods. Read on to discover all the benefits of

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Eating to build muscle

Chicken breast. Eating to build muscle

Some of the practices of eating to build muscle are, at best, unnecessary. Some are unhealthy. There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet, perpetuated by the bodybuilding fraternity and protein manufacturers. But even if you’re not influenced by the pseudo-science, you’re unlikely to be eating in the best way. A typical Western diet, both

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Top 10 Foods for Healthy Weight Loss

If you know our approach to nutrition, you’ll know that we are huge advocates of variety in the diet. So, it may seem odd that we have written a ‘top 10 foods’ article. First of all, let’s be clear, variety is by far the best strategy for optimising health. This top 10 list is a

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Nutrition for sport: a simple guide

Man playing tennis about to stroke the ball. Good nutrition for sport is essential.

There are lots of excellent books on the subject of nutrition for sport. But there’s also a lot of nonsense on the internet. Some people advocate a way of eating that promotes their philosophy. And others convince you of a nutrition approach that encourages you to buy their product. There is good advice, bad advice

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Is low carb a good approach?

A selection of low carb foods. Is low carb a good approach?

The low carb approach to dieting is very popular. It is viewed as an effective way to lose weight. Certainly, there are many practitioners and advocates. But is low carb a good approach? In this post, we discuss this popular weight loss protocol. I’m going to give you the answers upfront but if you’d like

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A personal trainer’s guide to food, diets and nutrition

Lots of fibre - fruit, veg, wholegrains. A personal trainer's guide to food, diets and nutrition

In this post, we provide a personal trainer’s guide to food, diets and nutrition. How can we make recommendations to suit everyone? After all, every one of our private training clients is distinct; their drivers are all different, their ‘why’ is unique. But when we turn their vision into a plan, we can distil their

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Love your vegetables

Tray of veg ready for baking. Love your vegetables

Vegetables are one of the most powerful tools in your weight loss arsenal. Why is that? Because they are filling and, generally, low in calories. So, you can fill your face with them and not worry about getting too many calories. That’s going to stop you getting hungry for a long time despite the relatively

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Educate your taste buds to help you lose weight

Chicken breast and healthy salad. Don't make the Mistakes people make when trying to lose weight

You’ve heard of the word ‘moreish’. It’s used to describe foods that make you want to have more of them. What sorts of foods usually earn this label? Let’s face it; it’s not healthy stuff like apples, broccoli, chicken breast or lentils. It’s usually biscuits, ice cream, crisps or sweet things. I used to find

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Three reasons to avoid sugar

Shredded wheat. Shredded wheat has a high GI, which is one of the reasons to avoid sugar

It’s a time of year – Christmas 2020 – when our sugar intake goes up dramatically. Although Easter is very sugary, I’d wager Christmas tops it. Without wishing to spoil your fun, there are lots of good reasons to avoid sugar this Christmas. Do you ever find that, after Christmas, you have developed a new

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