What can I drink?

ingredients for a healthy drink

What can I drink? This is part of the “What can I eat?” series. Drinks get swallowed and digested just like food. Some drinks offer meal-sized calorie content, so drinks really need to be part of the series! “What can I eat?” is one of the questions we get asked most by our clients. In

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What can I eat for a snack?

image of protein jelly, showing what can i eat as a snack

‘What can I eat for a snack?’. This could well be the question we get asked most. Once the principles of healthy eating are conveyed, it’s a lot more straightforward to apply them to breakfast, lunch and dinner. But when it comes to snacks, our clients often draw a blank. That’s because, traditionally, snacks do

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What can I eat as a dip?

What can I eat as a dip? Try healthy Baba Ghanoush

“What can I eat as a dip?”. We may not get asked that question so often, but we certainly get asked what to eat. This is usually in response to our guidance on healthy eating which comes with our flagship weight loss programme at our studio in Northampton. Understanding what constitutes healthy is one thing.

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Barbecue best practice

Healthy barbecue - skewers are an alternative barbecue food if you follow barbecue best practice

It’s certainly been warm here in the UK over the past few days. Perhaps you’ve been dusting off the cobwebs on the barbecue? Do you follow barbecue best practice? If you’re firing up the barbie as we speak, be aware that barbecues can seriously derail your health and fitness plan. In this post, we’ll give

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Does fat make you fat?

Vegetable oils can be healthy, but can you get too much of a good thing? Does fat make you fat?

Does fat make you fat? This was certainly the received wisdom for decades. We were told that a low-fat diet was the way to avoid weight gain. Yet, in the years that followed that guidance, obesity levels have continued to rise. The low-fat approach has been seen as a failure. Instead, carbohydrates are often demonised,

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What can I eat for lunch?

Chicken, lentil and broccoli salad

“What can I eat?”. This is one of the questions we get asked most by our clients. In this series of blogs, we’ll attempt to answer that question. In this blog, we’re talking about lunch. Read on to find out more.   Why is “What can I eat?” a common question? All our clients get

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Why you should prioritise protein for weight loss success

Fruit and yoghurt in a glass. Prioritise protein for weight loss success.

Weight loss can be very challenging. If you’re trying to lose weight, or you’ve tried in the past, does the following sound familiar? You make a lot of changes, you’re more active, and you clean up your diet. Healthy foods are the only things on the menu, and you always cook from scratch. You start

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Could you become a pescatarian?

Sesame Trout served on a bed of herb salad leaves Should you become a pescatarian?

Eating more fish could improve your health and help you contribute towards saving the planet! That’s a bold claim! Yes, it is. I’ll admit, it’s a slightly embellished and extremely concise summary of the reams of information out there about fish. But there’s a good deal of truth in it too.   Could you become

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Body composition change in Northampton

Man performing leg press

At our personal training studio in Northampton, we have a fancy machine that measures your body composition. Why do we have a sophisticated machine? Because we specialise in body composition change. We need to measure it so we know we are helping our clients to realise the best body composition possible. Of course, we market

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Are you health conscious, calorie unconscious?


“I eat really healthily, but the weight is not going down”. Is this you? You might be health-conscious, calorie-unconscious. Are you exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet but struggling to lose weight? There could be a good reason for that. Remember, your calorie balance entirely governs the weight you gain or lose. In other words,

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