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Bodybuilding Champ – Jon’s credentials

Jon on stage bodybuilding

Although I’m the 2022 British and World over 50s Bodybuilding Champ, I’m still not comfortable selling myself. I’ve never been very good at it, for a start. I’ve always believed that if you do a great job, then people will notice, and you will be rewarded for it. I learned during my corporate career that

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Am I too old to build muscle?

Am I too old to build muscle? No! Older clients working out at Life Force Fitness

“Am I too old to build muscle?”. You may be asking yourself this question. We certainly get asked this question a lot by our prospective clients. The answer is a resounding ‘NO!’. I have to caveat that a little. If you’re already focused on building muscle, then you may have reached your genetic potential. You’ll

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Fantastic Results

Body composition progression

It’s time for an update on our clients’ fantastic results! Below I present some stats on our 18 weight loss clients and 5 conditioning clients. Summary stats We had 11 weight loss clients sign up in the first quarter and another 7 in the second. Overall the 18 weight loss clients have lost 368 lbs

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Client Progress

Weight loss progression

Our clients have made incredible progress! It’s been nearly 4 months since we opened our doors for business. We’ve had clients start programmes in December, January and February. We’re really pleased with their progress. Below I present some summary statistics. I’ve picked 9 of our weight loss clients. Five of them have recently had a

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Why we get results

Jon and Sam

Everyone wants results from their health and fitness endeavours. There are plenty of good health and fitness organisations out there and enough variety to suit most people’s preferences.   But it’s also the case that a lot of people invest time and money in their health and fitness but do not get the results? Why

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Our Studio

Studio Launch

Although the new studio has been open now for two months, the official launch was held last week, January 13th, 2018. We’re proud of what we have created. It’s bright, clean and pristine with an exclusive ‘boutique’ studio feel. It’s full of brand new equipment catering for all ages and abilities. Take a look! The

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Why I’m an advocate of steady cardio – part 2

Steady cardio

In part 1 we looked at some good reasons why you might want to do steady cardio but we left the arguments about fat burning to this second instalment.   The fat burning arguments about the two options go like this. HIIT ramps up your metabolism and helps you burn more calories in the hours

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Why I’m an advocate of steady cardio – part 1

Steady cardio

Why steady cardio might be the right choice for you   Are you wondering what might be the best cardio for your goals? Have you been told to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) but you dread doing it? Does HIIT leave you drained? You might want to consider good old steady cardio. To find

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A holistic approach for best results

The holistic approach

I must admit that during my former corporate career, I used to roll my eyes when someone used the word ‘holistic’. It was one of those corporate buzzwords used by people in meetings, doing their best to make their mark. I have to say though, it does suit very well what we are all about.

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The benefits of weight training part 2

Weight training boosts metabolism

Welcome back to the second instalment on the benefits of weight training. In this post we talk about the health and confidence benefits that can be derived. Let’s start with health.   Health   Most people don’t realise the hormonal benefits of weight training. Weight training increases both testosterone and growth hormone, two fantastic hormones

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