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The benefits of weight training part 1

Front squat

Why everyone should be in to weight training   Not sure about weight training? You might be surprised just how beneficial and enjoyable it is. Do you want to lose weight but you’re not sure what exercise is best? Do you want to improve the way you look? Do you want to be fit and healthy?

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Good food choices

Tray of veggies

When you are losing weight, it is critical do eat fewer calories than the number of calories you use to fuel yourself. Of course that means you are more likely to become hungry, particularly if you make poor food choices. Good food choices will keep you filled up for longer and will make it less

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Women Should Weight Train

Jon coaches client on back squat

I’m sure you know I’m a great advocate of weight training for both men and women. I know a lot of women avoid weight training because they fear becoming bulky and muscular. But let me tell you that most women who actually want to get muscular find it very difficult. You have to be very

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Jon and Sam

What’s the difference between knowledge and know-how? Knowledge is something you get from a book. It’s information. Know-how is something you can only gain by doing something, by going through the experience so that you understand the intricacies, challenges, realities. At Life Force Fitness we don’t just give you, our clients, an exercise programme and

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