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What’s the difference between knowledge and know-how?

Knowledge is something you get from a book. It’s information. Know-how is something you can only gain by doing something, by going through the experience so that you understand the intricacies, challenges, realities.

At Life Force Fitness we don’t just give you, our clients, an exercise programme and tell you to get on with it. Instead we immerse you in the practice of weight loss and healthy lifestyle. We require you to use wearable tech so that you gain insight and understanding about your levels of activity. We require you to log your food so that you understand the nutrient content and portion sizes that will get you results. We ask you to weigh yourself every day so that you can see the impacts of your eating, activity and lifestyle on your progress. We feed back to you lots of insights about your progress. We interact with you daily and support you through the whole journey.

Only by engaging in this practical implementation of the fat loss programme will you acquire the know-how to adopt a lifetime of good habits and a healthy weight.

We will show you how. We don’t just do personal training. We don’t just do nutrition. We don’t just do lifestyle coaching. We do all of them. Only with this holistic approach can we guarantee results.

If you’d tried to lose weight before but failed then you should contact us. We will get you results.


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