Five Best Hamstring Exercises

A picture of the hamstring muscle

This week we are continuing our feature where we provide our view on which are the top five exercises for different body parts. What are the criteria for selecting the ‘best‘ five exercises? They are those that build muscle, or tone, and do so in a balanced, aesthetically pleasing way. They should work well for

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Our functional kit

Northampton personal trainers; weight loss; functional kit

When you visit our personal training studio in Northampton, the first things you will notice are the large pieces of traditional weight training equipment – the power rack, lifting platform, dumbbells, kettlebells, cable machine. If you were simply to stick your head around the door, you might think it was just a weight training studio.

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Nutrition for sport: a simple guide

Man playing tennis about to stroke the ball. Good nutrition for sport is essential.

There are lots of excellent books on the subject of nutrition for sport. But there’s also a lot of nonsense on the internet. Some people advocate a way of eating that promotes their philosophy. And others convince you of a nutrition approach that encourages you to buy their product. There is good advice, bad advice

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Getting back to normal after COVID

Woman being spotted on flat dumbbell press by a coach. Getting back to normal.

It’s spring 2021, and lockdown is beginning to ease in the UK. We’re not too far away from everything being back to ‘normal’. Of course, the way we live and work will likely change forever due to this COVID pandemic. But we’re still going to mostly do the things we were doing before and live

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The best private personal training space in Northampton

Power bag front loaded lunges. Private personal training studio.

We have a fabulous personal training studio, and we don’t show it off enough! We talk a lot about our knowledge, experience, approach, and results. And why wouldn’t we? We’re proud of all those things. But we’re also proud of our studio because we believe it’s the best private personal training space in Northampton. In

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Am I too old to build muscle?

Am I too old to build muscle? No! Older clients working out at Life Force Fitness

“Am I too old to build muscle?”. You may be asking yourself this question. We certainly get asked this question a lot by our prospective clients. The answer is a resounding ‘NO!’. I have to caveat that a little. If you’re already focused on building muscle, then you may have reached your genetic potential. You’ll

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The best parks for exercise in Northampton

Exercise equipment from Victoria park, one of the best parks for exercise in Northampton

We recently started a new series focused on Northampton. Last week we wrote about the best food shop in Northampton. We continue this series by looking at the best parks for exercise in Northampton. With the current lockdown situation in the UK, gyms are shut. The government recommends outdoor activity for your health and wellbeing.

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What exercise programme should I choose?

A multitude of exercise options

This week’s article answers the question ‘what exercise programme should I choose?’. There are hundreds of options available when it comes to choosing how you approach your health and fitness goals. We will give you a rundown of the most common types of exercise programmes, the pros and cons to each and our verdict as

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How should I train to build muscle?

Rear view of a man squatting using a safety bar. How should I train to build muscle

How should I train to build muscle? As a private personal trainer Northampton, we get this question a lot.. And it’s a great question. Everyone should aim to maintain or build muscle as they get older. That’s because muscle is essential for so many reasons. It’s good for your health; it’ll strengthen your bones, improve

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Can you burn fat and build muscle simultaneously?

A statue in two stares, showing body composition

What’s the reason you go to the gym and follow a diet plan? For most, training and diet are all about aesthetics – the desire to look good, naked. To achieve this goal you may need to drop some body fat and gain some lean muscle. We call this process recomposition, or recomp for short.

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