Athletic training for average Joes: plyometrics

man performing plyometrics

ATHLETIC TRAINING FOR AVERAGE JOES: PLYOMETRICS Hello dear readers! A bit of a different intro than normal to this ‘Athletic training for average Joes: plyometrics’ article. As with the majority of the country, I am writing this from my ‘home office’ (AKA- the kitchen table). This means unfortunately I have no access to any equipment

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Athletic training for average Joes series: Introduction

image of different athletic training for average joes

Welcome to this new series of blogs ‘Athletic training for average Joes’: Have you ever wondered what makes the training that athletes perform different from your own training? Do you ever question how they can perform such feats of strength, speed and skill? How could you could benefit from training like an athlete? Over the

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Your best run yet

man prepares for a run

How to warm up correctly to ensure you perform your best run yet. Do you enjoy going outside and clocking up a few miles on your feet each week? Do you currently have a warm-up routine you follow before you start each run or workout? In this post we are going to look at Why

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What is functional training?

statue of a greek god, what is functional training

Can you remember what was the ‘in-thing’ to do when you started getting into exercise? Over the decades, there have been many fitness trends in the industry: The introduction of “group classes” opened exercise up to the masses. It caused a growth in the general public looking after their health and fitness in the 60s.

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Getting into the overhead squat

Bottom of the overhead squat.

If you love lifting and you’re looking for a new challenge, then you could tick that box by getting into the overhead squat. The overhead squat has to rank near the top of the list of supremely challenging exercises. If you’re a competing Olympic lifter looking for tips on your overhead squat, then this article

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Balanced Strength

Single leg pistol squat, showing balanced strength

Balanced strength is the pinnacle of balance training. It’s also an important component of all functional training programmes. Being strong when your balance is challenged is critical for most sports. You will also be more resilient to falls in everyday life and more capable in everyday situations. Static balance drills are great for training the

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Dynamic balance drills

Dynamic balance drills such as hop and stick will help you to become more resilient to trips and improve your agility in sport

Staying balanced when the body moves is more like real life than training in a single leg static position. Better equip yourself to deal with instability, protect against falls and become more agile in your sport by getting good at these dynamic balance drills. Static balance drills are great for training the vestibular system and

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Static Balance Progressions

man balancing on bosu ball working on his static balance

Do you find yourself increasingly unsteady on your feet? Or perhaps you fall sometimes? Do you have to hold on to come down the stairs? Or perhaps you feel you don’t have balanced power in your sport? You would probably benefit from some balance training. These Static Balance Progressions would be a good start. Static

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High Intensity Resistance Interval Training

Barbell push press from a high intensity interval training session

Most of you will have heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It’s a great form of training, especially for those who are time-poor. Below, we put a different slant on traditional HIIT workouts with High-Intensity Resistance Interval Training. Do HIIT our way, and you’ll be keeping it fresh and working every muscle in your

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The top 6 full body exercises

Client Dave midway through a 150kg deadlift with the hex bar. The deadlift is number one in the top 6 full body exercises.

What are the top 6 full body exercises? They are the ones that are going to give you maximal stimulation of as many muscles as possible in one exercise. There are many to choose from so, to some extent, it’s a matter of opinion. Here, we give you ours. Why should you care about full

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