Healthy meals in Northampton

Crunchy salmon, available where you can eat healthy in Northampton

For many, the demands of modern life make eating healthily a challenge. In this week’s article, we tell you where you can get your healthy meals in Northampton. From takeaway alternatives to regular meal prep, there is one place that offers it all. Keep reading to find out more…   A matter of convenience Over

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The best parks for exercise in Northampton

Exercise equipment from Victoria park, one of the best parks for exercise in Northampton

We recently started a new series focused on Northampton. Last week we wrote about the best food shop in Northampton. We continue this series by looking at the best parks for exercise in Northampton. With the current lockdown situation in the UK, gyms are shut. The government recommends outdoor activity for your health and wellbeing.

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How to avoid winter weight gain

Man measuring his waist, checing how must weight he has gained

Winter is nearly here, and it’s a time of year when people tend to gain weight. For some, this weight gain is intentional, but for most, it is an unwanted seasonal side effect. In this post, we will give you our top tips on how to avoid winter weight gain.   Why does it happen?

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What exercise programme should I choose?

A multitude of exercise options

This week’s article answers the question ‘what exercise programme should I choose?’. There are hundreds of options available when it comes to choosing how you approach your health and fitness goals. We will give you a rundown of the most common types of exercise programmes, the pros and cons to each and our verdict as

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Why use personal training?

Two personal trainers with their clients

Through our blogs, we try to answer some of the critical questions you may have. However, we haven’t covered the big one: why use personal training? You might be asking yourself ‘do I need a personal trainer?’. Or ‘how do I decide who is the right trainer for me?’. In this week’s blog, we will

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What should I track during my programme?

A selection of diaries. What should i track during my programme?

In this article, we answer the question ‘what should I track during my programme?’ If you are embarking on a new health and fitness goal, make sure you are ‘ticking all the boxes’. You are likely to have a complete change in lifestyle that may be difficult at first to stick to. Whether you decide

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How long does it take to lose two stones – part two

A person checking their weight on the scales. How to lose two stones properly

  Would you like to know how to lose two stones properly? In the first part of this article, titled ‘How long does it take to lose two stones?‘, we broke down weight loss as a goal. We looked at the reality of weight loss in terms of actual goals and realistic time frames. In

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How long does it take to lose two stones? Part one

Image of a woman in loose trousers next to a set of scales. How long does it take to lose two stones?

If you speak to most people in the gym, you’ll find their main reason for going is to lose weight. On average, most people are looking to lose two stones of weight. But why this magic number? More importantly, how quickly can you lose two stones? There are plenty of diets and training programmes promising

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Can you burn fat and build muscle simultaneously?

A statue in two stares, showing body composition

What’s the reason you go to the gym and follow a diet plan? For most, training and diet is all about aesthetics – the desire to look good, naked. To achieve this goal you may need to drop some body fat and gain some lean muscle. We call this process recomposition, or recomp for short.

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Fitness for the over 40s

A man in his 40s performing a front squat

In this article, we look at functional fitness for the over 40s and how to keep making progress towards your health and body goals. Throughout this article, we will cover what functional fitness is, some age-related considerations when it comes to exercise and how you should train for optimal health and fitness. The advice in

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