Life Force Fitness Recipe Book

Life Force Fitness Recipe Book


Eighty-eight carefully chosen delicious recipes for drinks, snacks, lunch and dinner, each with a macronutrient and calorie breakdown.



This recipe book contains 88 carefully chosen and delicious recipes. It includes recipes for drinks, snacks, lunch and dinner. Each recipe has a protein, fat, carbohydrate and calorie breakdown to help you make the choices that suit your diet. We have deliberately created recipes that have sensible calorie totals. We have done this mainly by being conscious of fat content. Although there are low carb recipes, we are not a low carb team. But we are a right carb team. We have tried to keep all carbs low GI. That said, we recognise that when times are tough, it’s beneficial to have a little bit of what you fancy. That’s why we’ve also created some recipes that feel like treats, even though the ingredients are healthy.

This is the exact same recipe book – unaltered – that we give to our private clients for free. We are able to make it available to you at a great price! And what’s more, because it is straight off our private programmes, it includes some useful tips about food logging. Research has demonstrated that those who log their food are more successful at maintaining or losing weight.