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I’m sure you know I’m a great advocate of weight training for both men and women. I know a lot of women avoid weight training because they fear becoming bulky and muscular. But let me tell you that most women who actually want to get muscular find it very difficult. You have to be very focused and work extremely hard if you want to put on a lot of muscle. For the ordinary weight trainer whose main objective is not to become bulky, then it just isn’t going to happen. Unless you have the right genetics, train extremely hard and regularly, eat every 2 to 3 hours, take in protein at every feed and take a long list of dietary supplements, then you’re going to get some nice tone and nothing more.

But the benefits of weight training go far beyond aesthetics. They are many and varied, particularly for women as they get older, both during and after the menopause.

Weight training will
– Help prevent osteoporosis
– Help prevent arthritis
– Help prevent postural deterioration
– Help to keep you strong and resilient to injury
– Help you maintain a healthy weight
– Help keep you looking more youthful
– Help you to look toned and fit

We advocate weight training for all these reasons, but particularly as a key strategy in weight loss or the maintenance of a healthy weight.

We have a huge amount of experience in weight training. We can show you how to do it safely, how to use it to correct postural issues, how to incorporate it into an overall weight loss plan, how to progress at the right pace and become functionally strong and resilient for everyday life.

If you’ve never tried it then we’re sure you’ll enjoy it, so come on, give us a call and give it a go!

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