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Our clients have made incredible progress!

It’s been nearly 4 months since we opened our doors for business. We’ve had clients start programmes in December, January and February. We’re really pleased with their progress. Below I present some summary statistics.

I’ve picked 9 of our weight loss clients. Five of them have recently had a full monthly check-in including a body composition analysis. I’ve also picked 4 clients on conditioning programmes.


Regarding the 9 weight loss clients:

  • They have lost a total of 128lbs between them. That’s the weight of an average woman. They’ve lost a whole person!
  • They have lost an average of 14lbs each over an average of 9 weeks.
  • Collectively, they are losing weight at a rate of 15lbs a week.
  • Our biggest loser has lost 23.6lbs in 10 weeks.


Of the 5 who have recently had a full check-in:

  • They have collectively gone down in body fat by 19%.
  • They have lost 32kg of fat.
  • They have lost 9kg of visceral fat.
  • They have taken 310cm2 from the cross-sectional area their visceral fat occupies.
  • They have lost a total of 15 inches from their waists.
  • Our biggest loser has gained nearly 2kg of muscle whilst stripping 13kg of fat!

All 5 are twice-a-weekers. They each have an exercise programme, calorie target and meal breakdown design specifically for them. Every week they make progress with their weight, strength, functional capability, posture, fitness and health.


The 4 conditioning clients

  • Have lifted a total of 1,440 tonnes. That’s 240 African elephants!
  • Burn an average of 790 calories per workout.
  • Have seen their deadlift strength go up by an average of 72%


We love helping our clients to get leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier. The stats tell us how our clients are doing and give us confirmation of the efficacy of our approach.


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