Oct 16, 2017 / by Jon Bellis / No Comments

I must admit that during my former corporate career, I used to roll my eyes when someone used the word ‘holistic’. It was one of those corporate buzzwords used by people in meetings, doing their best to make their mark. I have to say though, it does suit very well what we are all about.

I was at a workshop today and we were talking about marketing. In particular, we were discussing marketing approaches that are not well liked or that put us off.

One of the participants described how awful the advertising in the health and fitness industry is. She mentioned shabby home fitness products; outrageous claims; gimmicks; unhealthy and unnatural weight loss products; unsustainable diets; sensationalism and so on. She felt the advertisements lacked authenticity and integrity and were essentially exploiting the emotional tug experienced by many people trying to lose weight and get fit. She felt that none of this stuff worked in the long term and that you just need a sensible approach to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle if you wanted results that would stick.

I totally agree with that observation. That’s why our approach is holistic. Our programmes cover exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. Only by covering all three elements can we ensure our customers get results.

Weight loss should not need to be sensationalist. It’s pretty straightforward really. Do some exercise, eat less. Maintain a calorie deficit. Make permanent changes to your lifestyle to make the transformation stick. Exercise, nutrition, lifestyle. Get these basics right and you’ll get results. There is no fancy product or special approach that will come anywhere near the efficacy of this straightforward approach.

Of course you need to know how to exercise, what to eat, how to measure, how to maintain. That is where we can help. We take a straightforward, holistic approach and we coach you to maintain it for a lifetime. We won’t make sensational claims. We’ll just execute the science and practice of weight loss and maintenance, and we’ll get you results that will stick.




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