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It’s time for an update on our clients’ fantastic results!

Below I present some stats on our 18 weight loss clients and 5 conditioning clients.

Summary stats

We had 11 weight loss clients sign up in the first quarter and another 7 in the second.

  • Overall the 18 weight loss clients have lost 368 lbs – that’s over 26 stones.
  • The 11 who signed up in the first quarter have lost 302 lbs! That’s an average of 2 stones each.
  • Our clients lose weight at a combined rate of 74lbs per month.
  • They lose on average 4lbs a month each – keep reading to understand why that’s a good number.
  • Between them, our clients have shed 5 stones of visceral fat – that’s the stuff around their internal organs.
  • We have seen, without exception, improvements in blood sugar and blood pressure in all clients.
  • Our clients have lost over 50 inches off their combined waist.
  • Our 5 conditioning clients have gained 20lbs of muscle between them.


Fantastic results – best weight loss to date

Our top performing client is 4 stones down after 6 months – that’s about 9 lbs per month. That person is quite a few years past the half-century mark. This shows, first, that It’s never too late to start getting in shape and losing weight and, second, that our methods are highly effective at any age.


Fantastic results – best body composition change

Our best body composition change – and 2nd best weight loss effort – has been achieved by a 40-year old man who lost 53lbs of fat and gained 7lbs of muscle. in 7 months his body fat went from 34% to 12% and his body type from obesity class 3 to muscular. This shows that you can  lose fat and gain muscle at the same time and you can  gain muscle at any age, even if you’re losing a lot of fat at the same time. You just have to have the right approach to exercise and nutrition. Take a look at Ross’s account of how the programme went and why he got great results.


Why is 4lbs a month a good number?

A weight loss of 4lbs a month is about 1lb per week. That’s a good steady rate that will help you keep hold of your muscle while losing fat and will stop you getting too hungry.

For some clients that’s not enough. They want more rapid weight loss.

In reality we assign a calorie target for everyone that will enable them to lose weight more rapidly and, if they stick to the plan, that’s exactly what happens. Some clients are able to maintain the more rapid weight loss throughout their programme and they make even better progress.

However, on average, our clients lose weight at a rate of 1lb per week or 4lbs per month. Why is that? We have assigned a calorie target that enables more rapid weight loss, so how come?

Because they have lives. They have holidays, events, bad weeks, lots of travel and business lunches and so on. Once in a while they may put a little weight on due to these sorts of pressures. Then in a standard week they will lose more than 1 lb. So, over the course of several months they will average 1 lb per week.

So, 1 lb per week is a good number for two reasons. First, it’s a good rate for sensible and sustainable weight loss. Second, in our experience, it is what clients tend to average, so that is where we set their expectations.



It’s 8 months since we opened the studio. With our know-how and our clients’ determination we have helped a lot of people lose a lot of weight. And that’s just the start….


To understand why we are so successful at getting results for our clients, take a look our focus on results.

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