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Top 5 Exercises for Your Back

A picture of a girl's back at the gym

This week we are introducing a new feature where we provide our view on which are the top 5 exercises for different body parts; this may be exercises for your back, your core, your shoulders and more. What are the criteria for selecting the ‘best’ exercises? It depends on your goal. If improving posture is

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Caponata Recipe

A picture of peppers and aubergine

We’re always saying it: Eat more veg. If you’re looking to lose weight then vegetables are an essential part of your nutrition strategy. They are low in calories, slow to digest, filling and packed with nutrients to help nourish you while you’re in calorie deficit. A lot of people eat too few vegetables because their

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Top 5 Exercises to Improve Posture

A picture of our trainer, Samantha, performing one of the exercises to improve posture, The Plank

Having good posture is an under appreciated aspect of good health and fitness. If your posture is poor it could have numerous impacts It can make you look older than you really are. It can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Click here for an example discussion. It can affect your breathing. Inefficient breathing can have

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Top 10 Foods for Healthy Weight Loss

If you know our approach to nutrition, you’ll know that we are huge advocates of variety in the diet. So, it may seem odd that we have written a ‘top 10 foods’ article. First of all, let’s be clear, variety is by far the best strategy for optimising health. This top 10 list is a

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Veganism Pros and Cons

A picture of vegetable skewers

Veganism is unquestionably on the rise. If you want to get a feel for just how quickly and markedly this lifestyle choice is gaining popularity, just look at the stats presented by The Vegan Society here. Usually the rationale for going vegan relates to animal welfare or environmental considerations. But, how does a vegan diet

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Weight loss tips for a healthy new you

Weight Loss Tips; summer holiday; Northampton Personal Trainer; Muscle Maintenance

If you are not following us on Facebook, then you are missing out. But don’t worry, we put the latest posts together in this collection of weight loss tips. Gratifying Greek  Are you struggling to choose good protein sources for snacks? We love the versatility of Greek or Icelandic yoghurt. They are much higher in

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January Open Day 2019

Northampton Personal Trainer; Weight Loss; Muscle; Open Day

Our 2019 January Open Day was on 5th January. The studio has been open now for over a year but, because we are not a gym with general membership, visiting and having a look around isn’t something you could ordinarily do on a whim (or at least without a heads up first). The event was

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Our functional kit

Northampton personal trainers; weight loss; functional kit

When you visit our studio, the first things you will notice are the large pieces of traditional weight training equipment – the power rack, lifting platform, dumbbells, kettlebells, cable machine. If you were just to stick your head round the door, you might think it was simply a weight training studio. But if you look

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Weight Loss Results – One Year On

Weight loss; fat loss; Northampton Personal trainers

It’s a year now since we opened the doors of the studio and signed up our first weight loss clients. And what a year it’s been! We’ve had, and still have, great clients. And thanks to the weight loss they have achieved, we’re bringing in more clients all the time. The weight loss results that

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Avoiding a weight loss plateau

Avoiding a weight loss plateau. Northampton personal trainers. Weight loss, muscle building.

Trying to lose weight can be frustrating! When you first start out on your weight loss journey, the weight can come off quite quickly, you might make great progress and feel that your target is more than achievable. But then as the weeks go by the weight loss slows and you have to stay focused

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