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Fantastic Results

Fantastic Results! Body composition change, weight loss, muscle gain, Northampton personal Trainers

It’s time for an update on our clients’ fantastic results! Below I present some stats on our 18 weight loss clients and 5 conditioning clients. Summary stats We had 11 weight loss clients sign up in the first quarter and another 7 in the second. Overall the 18 weight loss clients have lost 368 lbs

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Love your vegetables

Vegetables. Personal trainers, Northampton, weight loss, muscle

Vegetables are one of the most powerful tools in your weight loss arsenal. Why is that? Because they are filling and, generally, low in calories. So, you can fill your face with them and not worry about getting too many calories. That’s going to stop you getting hungry for a long time despite the relatively

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Strong muscles, strong bones

Northampton Personal Trainers. Strong muscles, strong bones, weight loss

Did you see this article in the BBC yesterday about giving your bones a workout? It talks about the importance of working the muscles and how it contributes to strong bones and better health. It could have been written by us, it’s so similar to what we have been saying! If you missed our earlier

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Functional Lines

Northampton Personal Trainers, weight loss, muscle, functional lines, functional movement

There are two great sporting events happening at the same time. Both require power in the functional lines of the players. The World Cup is already in full flight. Wimbledon starts tomorrow. Do you play tennis? You may have wondered what are the best strengthening exercises for that sport? Arms? Shoulders? Legs? It’s no surprise

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Health and fitness round up

Northampton personal trainers, studio, weight loss, muscle, health

If you’re not following us on Facebook then you’re missing out – we post news and hot tips on health and fitness! Here’s a round up of some recent Facebook posts.   Best exercises for body composition improvements What are the best exercises to do for body composition improvements? They are weight training exercises of

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Six strategies for reducing the risk of disease

Reducing the risk of disease; Northampton Personal Trainers; Weight loss, fat loss

Your tendency to get ill or succumb to disease is not predetermined, it’s something you can control. Of course, there are some genetic and environmental factors but, as you’ll see, reducing the risk of disease is largely a matter of lifestyle choices and good habits. You may not have thought of it in this way,

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The importance of muscle

The importance of muscle. Northampton personal trainers, weight loss, muscle gain

The importance of muscle for health, happiness and longevity The importance of muscle for health and longevity is rarely appreciated. I have written before about how to preserve muscle mass in order to age gracefully, but here I go into more detail on why it is important. It can literally be a matter of life or

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Client Progress

Northampton weight loss specialists, progress, personal trainers

Our clients have made incredible progress! It’s been nearly 4 months since we opened our doors for business. We’ve had clients start programmes in December, January and February. We’re really pleased with their progress. Below I present some summary statistics. I’ve picked 9 of our weight loss clients. Five of them have recently had a

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6 steps to ageing well

Northampton personal trainer, build muscle, weight loss, fat loss, bodybuilding, studio

There are many angles on the topic of ageing well, but the angle I am taking here is, of course, associated with health and fitness. In particular, the focus of this article is the importance of building and maintaining your muscle and strength in to your old age. Sarcopenia is the process of losing muscle

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Body composition round up

Body composition, weight loss, personal training, Northampton

We’re all about improved body composition. If you’re not following us on Facebook then you’re missing out – we post news and hot tips! Here’s a round up of some recent Facebook posts.   Fibre for digestive health So we all know we are supposed to get lots of fibre in our diet. But why

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