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Break your habits of a lifetime

Two post-its with the words 'good habits' and 'bad habits'

Why break your habits of a lifetime? Because they might be bad for you! Bad habits might be the reason you are not achieving your health and fitness goals. Or it might be a lack of good habits. Either way, your habits can make or break your chances of achieving your health and fitness goals.

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20 New Year’s resolution mistakes you might be making

20 New Year's resolution mistakes you might be making. Do some of these apply to you?

Might you be making one or more of these 20 New Year’s resolution mistakes? You’re all enthusiastic. You’ve joined a gym, you’ve got yourself some fancy new gym kit and a new pair of trainers. You’ve sorted out a workout playlist. You’re champing at the bit. You get off to a flyer, first couple of

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Christmas Calorie Count

Christmas day feast

Even if you are very calorie conscious, Christmas Day is likely to see a relaxation of your usual eating pattern. And why not? You’ve worked hard all year, kept fit and maintained a healthy weight. You deserve a bit of a binge. But do you know your Christmas Calorie Count? And do you know the

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Balanced Strength

Single leg pistol squat, showing balanced strength

Balanced strength is the pinnacle of balance training. It’s also an important component of all functional training programmes. Being strong when your balance is challenged is critical for most sports. You will also be more resilient to falls in everyday life and more capable in everyday situations. Static balance drills are great for training the

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15 top tips to avoid gaining weight

people drinking in a festive mood

Do you tend to put weight on over the holiday season? Perhaps several kg? You’re not alone! It’s easily done. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can get through the party season without putting on anything. Apart from a snazzy outfit of course! Here are our 15 top

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Dynamic balance drills

Dynamic balance drills such as hop and stick will help you to become more resilient to trips and improve your agility in sport

Staying balanced when the body moves is more like real life than training in a single leg static position. Better equip yourself to deal with instability, protect against falls and become more agile in your sport by getting good at these dynamic balance drills. Static balance drills are great for training the vestibular system and

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The benefits of beans – be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

a mixture of ingredients, mainly beans

It’s still World Vegan Month. To mark this, we shared some information on the health benefits of lentils a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s the turn of beans, another great vegan food. When I was looking for ‘B’ words to go with beans I came across bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If you search for synonyms

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Static Balance Progressions

man balancing on bosu ball working on his static balance

Do you find yourself increasingly unsteady on your feet? Or perhaps you fall sometimes? Do you have to hold on to come down the stairs? Or perhaps you feel you don’t have balanced power in your sport? You would probably benefit from some balance training. These Static Balance Progressions would be a good start. Static

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The benefits of lentils: vitality, versatility and veganism!

bowl of lentil porridge, showcasing the benefits of lentils

It’s World Vegan Month! What better way to mark this nutrition lifestyle choice than to share some info on one of our favourite vegan foods. Read on to discover all the benefits of lentils. If you tend to think of lentils as wacky vegetarian fodder and you avoid them, then think again! They are a

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High Intensity Resistance Interval Training

Barbell push press from a high intensity interval training session

Most of you will have heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It’s a great form of training, especially for those who are time poor. Below, we put a different slant on traditional HIIT workouts with High Intensity Resistance Interval Training. Do HIIT our way and you’ll be keeping it fresh and working every muscle

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