Programme: Private Weight Loss

Zoe joined us in September 2020. “I was so unhealthy, so unhealthy. And miserable,” she observed. Her goals were to lose weight and become healthier. Zoe lost eight and a half stone during the programme and summed up afterwards by saying, “I am now healthier, happier, I like how I look now and I’m much more confident in general.”


53.7 kg


14 to 4.5 kg


14.5 Inches


12 months


The first activity in her programme was our ‘Set up for Success’ induction. This comprised:

  • Taking measurements and photographs to benchmark Zoe’s starting point.
  • Benchmarking her daily calorie expenditure.
  • Setting a goal. Zoe wanted to lose 5 stones, be able to look in a full length mirror and not cry and to stop shopping in plus sized shops.
  • Setting an initial level for her calorie intake. We cut calories and assumed a calorie burn from exercise.
  • Providing coaching on food intake. This included food theory and diet construction.
  • Constructing an exercise programme consisting of weight training and cardiovascular exercise.


We keep a constant dialogue with clients to enable them to get the most from the programme. With Zoe we made the following observations and took the following actions:

  • Zoe adopted a new lifestyle immediately, undertaking all the recommended activities.
  • She stuck to the plan without fail all the way through the programme. She found her own ways to increase her calorie burn, such as walking to work. She went on long walks at the weekend.
  • Zoe had great determination, worked her socks off in training and kept herself accountable.


The exercise programme had the following elements:

Cardiovascular exercise to

  • Strengthen her heart, lungs and vascular system.
  • Improve her ability to burn fat as a fuel.
  • Improve her health markers and resting heart rate.
  • Burn some extra calories.

Weight training to

  • Enable her to retain muscle whilst losing weight.
  • Provide a metabolic and hormonal cascade of beneficial effects.
  • Develop tone, postural improvements and improved capability.
I’ve tried many many diets before and I’ve never been able to stick to anything. I’ve just finished with Life Force Fitness … I’ve lost 8 and a half stone.


Before & after

Zoe has lost over 14.5 inches from her waist. She has straightened herself up, improved her posture and developed a silhouette she is happy with. “I like how I look now, and I’m much more confident in general”, she said.

Weight Loss

On Christmas Eve, Zoe hit 53.7kg weight loss. Since then her weight has been stable, but she’s continued to lose body fat and gain muscle: at the last check-in she had put on over a kg of muscle and lost 2 kg of fat since the previous check-in. She can now fit into size 14 clothes and it’s taken her overall muscle loss to just 9% of the total weight loss. That’s far better than the population average of 25-30%, and astonishing considering the pace and size of the weight loss. Zoe lost an incredible 9.5 kg of visceral fat.


As you’ll see from the video, Zoe is fit and strong and capable. “The thing I most enjoyed about the programme were the workouts. I loved coming here on a Wednesday and really pushing myself and finding that I had the energy to enjoy it. “


Zoe recently started buying size 14 clothes. “I’m now shopping in straight sizes rather than plus size shops,” she noted. “I like how I look now, I will never ever want to go back to how I was before”


Zoe has achieved a huge weight loss which has changed her life. She summarised by saying “I am now healthier, happier, I like how I look now, and I’m much more confident in general, and on the whole much happier.” She went on to say, “I’ve learned so much more about food and exercise, and my mental health is a lot better.

I’d just like to say how grateful I am, for the help and support, and I couldn’t recommend [Life Force Fitness] enough.

To hear more of Zoe’s story, take a look at this longer version of Zoe’s Testimonial

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