Online Training Programme

Online training programme

Benefit from our knowledge and experience from anywhere in the world.

Whatever your goals or experience, using a coach is an excellent way to get the right guidance and to hold you accountable. Wherever you are in the world, our online training is an affordable way for you to benefit from our years of knowledge, experience and proven results.

Full diet, activity and calorie needs assessment to tailor your programme.

Tailored training and nutrition programme with ongoing evaluations.

Weekly check ins and monthly reports to maintain accountability.

Contents of the programme

  1. 01

    Phone consultation to establish goals and programme set up.

  2. 02

    Custom training programme, tailored to your goals and needs.

  3. 03

    Nutrition plan personalised for your goal.

  4. 04

    Scheduled weekly check-ins.

  5. 05

    Monthly progress reports and evaluations.

  1. 06

    Tailored meal ideas based on your calorie requirements.

  2. 07

    Posture, injury and niggle management.

  3. 08

    Unlimited email access to the coach.

  4. 09

    Suitable for any goal.

  5. 10

    All included for £80 per month.

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Is online training right for you?

I want personal training, but it’s outside my budget.

We appreciate that investing in hands-on personal training may not be a viable option for everyone. That's why we created our online training programme. It's a cost effective way for you to still benefit from our services and achieve great results, the same way all our 1-1 clients do.

I want to use your services, but don’t live locally.

Our online training programme can be accessed by anyone across the globe. The main difference is that you won't receive 1-1 sessions at our studio. But you'll still receive all the training, nutrition and lifestyle support, as well as constant email contact as needed.

I need some support with my health and fitness goals.

If you need additional support with your current health and fitness endeavours, our online training programme is the perfect answer. Whether you are new to training or you are already a gym regular, our online training programme will give you all the information, guidance and accountability you need to achieve your goals.

Online Training Programme

Suitable for any goal

Tailored training.

Personalised nutrition plan.

Weekly & monthly check ins.

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