Small Group PT Transformation Programme

Small Group Transformation Programme for rapid results

Are you looking for a quick body transformation programme? Or perhaps you want to sample the experience of personal training at a more affordable cost and with a shorter commitment? Then the Small Group PT Transformation Programme is perfect for you.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a private programme but like training with others, then the Small Group PT Transformation Programme is for you.

8 weeks of scheduled sessions designed to help you burn fat and tone muscle

Initial body composition scan and personalised nutritional breakdown for every member

Workout with a small group and still benefit from one-to-one time with the coach

What’s included in Small Group PT?

  1. 01

    Before and after body composition evaluations.

  2. 02

    Personalised daily calorie breakdown.

  3. 03

    Tailored meal ideas to help you reach your daily calorie requirements.

  4. 04

    Work-Support-Motivate: Team training with a maximum of 5 people.

  1. 05

    Short commitment: only 8 weeks per block.

  2. 06

    Guaranteed 1 on 1 time with the coach every session.

  3. 07

    Information packs with content to help you make permanent, positive changes.

  4. 08

    Group support through WhatsApp group.

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Is Small Group PT right for you?

Need time efficiency?

All sessions during the Small Group PT programme are 45 minutes long. You'll be in and out in under an hour. Not only that, you'll get rapid results in just 8 weeks - perfect for a short term goal.

Do you enjoy exercising in a group?

Small group PT is limited to 5 people per programme. This is a small enough number to ensure everybody gets focus time. You’re COACHED through your session. You're not just a number in the crowd copying an instructor. You'll find that you work harder in a small group of like-minded individuals where you're all working towards the same goal.

Tempted by Personal Training but not sure?

We understand that undergoing a Personal Training Programme requires a financial and time commitment. Small Group PT gives you the chance to experience most of the benefits of personal training at a lower cost and with a shorter commitment. Think of it as an “extended taster” with guaranteed results.






Here are the programme dates:

2nd March – 22nd April
4th May – 28th June
6th July – 30th August
7th September – 31st October
2nd November – 24th December

What time?

Initially the sessions will run at the following times:

Mondays 7:15am – 8:00am
Thursdays 7:15am – 8:00am

Free parking available on-site

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