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We’re very proud of our testimonials, both written and video. In them, our clients don’t talk about how much weight they lost or how much they can lift. What’s noticeable is that they talk about how they feel. They feel better about themselves. They feel happier and more self-confident, with a better sense of identity and self-worth. You too could heal your ‘self’ with the right approach.

It’s not just a coincidence that our personal training programmes improve our clients’ mental health and perception of self. Nor is it a by-product of a process designed for something else. In fact, we consciously include in our programmes everything a client needs to improve both physical and mental health. Although our clients usually express their goal differently, that’s simply the manifestation of their discontent with their physical health and mental wellbeing.

So, when they get to the end, having achieved their goals, they express how much better they feel. That’s what they cared about in the first place, even if they didn’t say that directly.

In this post, we’ll explain how our approach helps our clients achieve physical and mental health, as well as their goals. We explain how you could heal your ‘self’, with an holistic approach.


We get results

A lot of personal trainers and other practitioners get results. That’s as long as they have the right client. That client will be highly self-motivated, set themselves goals, take measurements, chart their progress, hold themselves accountable and learn as much as they can about nutrition.

Or they may acquire an imperfect client whose approach is starvation mixed with excess exercise. They’ll lose a large amount of weight in a short space of time but end up skinny-fat, low in energy and unhealthy. Yes, they’ll look better in clothes, and the headline will sound great. But it’s a recipe for dissatisfaction and weight regain.

You don’t have to come to us as the perfect client. We provide a lot of tools to help you succeed, regardless of your character and drivers.

Below are the reasons why we get results consistently.


We’ve done the digging on the science

We’re not your average personal trainers. We do an awful lot of research on nutrition and exercise science. We only advise or prescribe what works. And we certainly will not espouse ‘bro science’.

We make exercise recommendations tailored for you that are built on evidence-based research. It generally includes more than one modality, a lot of which does not need our supervision. We coach the more challenging exercises 1-1 to ensure they are effective.

For nutrition, you receive two hours of food coaching at the start of your programme. The first hour is a presentation on the science aspects of nutrition: which foods are healthy; what will keep you full for longer; what will help you keep your muscle; which foods will help you lose weight; what will derail your progress.

In the second hour, you create an entire day’s eating based on the principles outlined in the first hour. But, we do this together. You choose foods, we advise. Of course, we help you choose foods that you like, but in a way that will enable you to hit your calorie target. In addition, we’ll also make sure you get the optimal levels of protein, fat and carbohydrate.

We do the food coaching because we think it’s essential that you understand eating. The knowledge will help you make good choices going forward and for the rest of your life. In contrast, a lot of practitioners will prescribe a restrictive diet. That may not suit you but, worse, it’s likely you’ll go back to old habits once you’ve finished.


We measure, monitor and motivate



At the start of your programme, you’ll get a full assessment, called a ‘Set up for Success’, where we measure everything. We:

  • Take photos from four angles.
  • Measure body composition – fat, muscle, minerals, visceral fat, weight distribution.
  • Take body measurements – chest, waist, hips, arms, legs, shoulders.
  • Measure health markers – blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI, waist to hip ratio.

In the same assessment, we undertake a lifestyle questionnaire to understand as much about you as possible.



A measurement is meaningless unless it’s compared with another. That’s why you will come back every month and get all the measurements done again. We need to make sure everything is going in the right direction. We look for improved photos, smaller waist, retained muscle, lost fat and so on.

Then we issue a report. The report will have personalised motivational commentary from your coach.



As well as a monthly report, you’ll also get a weekly report that will chart your weight loss progress. Sometimes we have clients who want to gain weight, in which case we’ll chart their weight gain. Very few clients want to stay the same weight!

This weekly report also comes with personalised commentary, which is full of recognition and encouragement, providing ongoing motivation.


We provide accountability

For your weekly report, you’ll need to send us your weight every Friday morning. This constant check-in is excellent for keeping you focused.

And, of course, the monthly check-in is a more comprehensive version of the weekly check-in. After a whole month, you won’t want to find that your fat has gone up and your photos look worse!

Then there are the 1-1 sessions. We do 1-1 training for many reasons. First, almost everyone needs tailored sessions because everyone has different capabilities and requirements. But each 1-1 session is also an appointment with the coach at our private Northampton personal training studio. It hugely improves adherence and attendance. It’s easy to tell yourself you don’t want to go to the gym or that it’s ok to miss an exercise class. But when it’s a 1-1 appointment for which you’ve paid, you turn up. But not only that, every session is a chance to chat to the coach and receive reinvigoration if it’s required.


Why are results important?

That sounds like a daft question. It’s not just that you’ve paid for us to help you get results. Above all, the effect of success on mental health is far more significant.

With improved body composition comes improved self-perception and self-worth. When you look better, your confidence improves, you hold yourself more confidently and may receive compliments. And you may find you can do things you couldn’t before, or that you need a new set of clothes. It all adds up to you feeling better about yourself. You feel happier and more positive about the world.


We help you develop a healthy mind

We’re not talking about healthy thoughts here; we’re talking about healthy physiology.

If you read our previous post listing ten steps to feeling better about yourself, you’ll know that exercise and healthy food produce changes in the brain that help you think more positively.



Exercise improves cerebral blood flow, giving rise to several beneficial changes in the brain; increases in blood supply, enhanced sensitivity to neurotransmitters and more neurons and synapses. This all serves to improve sensitivity to neurotransmitters which helps the brain function more efficiently, leading to improved mood, drive and memory.

This isn’t about an endorphin rush. This is about real, lasting, structural and functional changes in the way the brain works.

We make sure your programme includes the right types of exercise to maximise the beneficial effects on the brain.



With the right nutrients, such as essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, your brain will function better, and you’ll feel more optimistic. During the food coaching, we advise on what foods have the most benefits and encourage you to include them in your diet.

Close up of a piece of salmon. Ten steps to feeling better about yourself.

Again, these are real and lasting changes to your brain function and structure.



Exercise and healthy nutrition will not help you in the long term if you don’t sustain them. That’s why we help you adopt good habits and change bad ones.

Habit forming is the best way to inculcate a healthy lifestyle. We have always said that our aim is for you to finish your programme having reached your goals, and then not need ever to come back. So, we encourage you to adopt early in the programme a lifestyle that is sustainable, and that you can maintain once you finish. You’ll have the tools for life and the momentum to continue.


We build mental strength

Weight training is a crucial part of all our programmes. It’s not just great for weight loss or building muscle; it’s also very effective at improving mental strength.

Client doing push ups. Heal your 'self' with an holistic approach

In every set of every exercise of every workout, you are encouraged to push yourself outside your comfort zone. You’ll get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That builds mental fortitude and resilience to discomfort.

Weight training doesn’t just build mental strength. It develops self-efficacy, self-belief and self-confidence. Our clients often say that they fear that they won’t be able to do the exercises, or lift the weight. When they realise they can, and can do more than they ever thought possible, that builds self-belief and self-confidence. Yes, you CAN do it!


We care

That sounds a bit corny, I know. But we do, genuinely, care about you. When you open yourself up at the initial assessment, when you sob in front of us or when you admit your frailties, it builds a bond. And it builds empathy and a genuine desire to help. Suddenly we know you, and we care about you. We want you to feel better about yourself.

That’s one aspect of care. But you also get our full attention in every session; that hour is about you. Your coach has designed the session just for you, and you have his or her full attention. If you want to offload, that’s also fine. Get it off your chest, and we’ll listen. It’s your session.

Coach listening to a client.

It can do wonders for your confidence and mood, knowing that you’re supported, that someone cares and wants you to succeed.


We have a calm space

Our private personal training studio in Northampton certainly creates a sense of calmness.

For example, there is no membership. That means you won’t find lots of people coming and going. You won’t find hordes of intimidating characters glancing over at you. We employ a small number of personal trainers, so you’ll only find one or two other clients and their coaches occupying the space. So there’s no need to feel self-conscious.

There’s also no loud pumping music, which helps it feel calm, and helps you hear your coach. And because we also have comprehensive hygiene procedures, the coronavirus risk is much lower than a conventional gym, so you’ll feel a lot less stressed.

It’s double glazed, warm, free of draughts, bright and clean. It’s a relaxing environment.

Relaxed client in between sets at the studio

What more could you want from your training space?


Client quotes

Here are some of the things our clients say at the end of their programmes. There’s no particular order, but note the dominant theme is transformation of the ‘self’, improved mood and positivity.

Also note the sheer number of quotes! That’s evidence of the number of people who achieve success with us and feel better about themselves.


“The change in Tracy has been massive. She’s happier than I’ve ever seen her in her life. She’s achieved a dream that she didn’t think achievable – it’s been life changing.”


“You’ve believed in me so I could believe in myself. I’ve taken away a happier self, and the tools to live a healthier life. I’ve achieved a lot of balance in my mind – I now walk like I deserve to be on the planet.”


“I feel more confident and energised.”


“I’ve got me back, and I think that’s a massive thing.”


“I will be eternally grateful for the part Life Force Fitness has played in saving my life.”


“I’m feeling a lot more positive both inside and out.“


“When I lost the first stone… the feeling was… I can’t tell you! Emotional, euphoric, amazing! I’d like to thank you for really changing my life.”


“The biggest thing I can take back from this is the sense of achievement.”


“Admiring what I’d actually managed to achieve… that’s probably the best feeling I’ve had.”


“I am very happy, I feel better, I feel like I have more energy, it’s great, I really like it.”


“It’s just been incredible some of the things I find myself doing. I’m the most surprised person of all.”


“He has gone out of his way to respect my trepidation about doing things that I fear might end up hurting – but has pushed me to go further… and I am amazed at what I have been able to achieve.”


“I’ve found my mojo again!”


“Thank you for yesterday it made me feel much more positive. Thank you for being there and boosting me physically and mentally.“


“Thanks so much for still seeing me amidst all the virus chaos! You do wonders for my mental health.“


“Doing the training with you is keeping me sane in these crazy times.”


“Put simply: Life Force Fitness have changed my life.”


“I achieved my greater fitness, a better belief in myself, that I could actually do it.“


“There was a lot of apprehension in starting the programme because it was something that was totally alien to me. It’s given me the confidence now to go on to actually try more fitness.”


“I did much more than I expected to do, I didn’t believe in myself this much.”


“He instils belief.”


“I walk from the [Life Force Fitness Studio] door to the car and feel smug, …..I feel like I can conquer the world….at that moment I’m quite invincible.”


“You guys keep me calm and sane amidst all the chaos.”


“You completely gave me the confidence and gave me the support to not be concerned about going forwards. The support was great.”


“Not only have you helped her physically, but also mentally.”


“The self confidence boost this has given me too…. I’m more happy in my own skin.”


“I am so much more confident in myself, can wear my shirts again and am getting up early mornings to exercise regularly too!”


“I’ve taken away a new me.”


“I love my weekly reports. I print them off and pin them up above my desk so I have a constant reminder of my progress. People are starting to comment on my weight loss and I feel so much more comfortable in my clothes.”


“We both really appreciate what both you and Sam are doing for us and we consider this as a life changing event for both of us. Tracy says it’s the best thing she has ever done and she can’t describe how she feels about herself now.”


“The support has been physical, mental and spiritual almost.”


“Although I’ve had personal training before as a member of a gym, this is really very different, more focused. The wellbeing improvement has been tremendous.”


“You’ve been a life saver for me Xx!”


“Thank you so much for today it’s made me feel so much better in myself.”


“Hi Sam, just wanted to say a big thank you for today you are such a great support for me physically and psychologically and you are an amazing person.”


“If you are focused, determined, self-disciplined and committed, and with the expert support and advice of this programme, then you can achieve the impossible.”


“Just remember you’re a fantastic fabulous person I wouldn’t have made through the last 18 months without your help.”


“I feel great and I’ll be eternally grateful to Life Force Fitness for the support they have given me.”




You don’t need to be a perfect client to succeed with us. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. Our approach will build self-confidence, mental fortitude, self-belief and a more positive self-perception. In short, you’ll heal your ‘self’. You’ll feel better about yourself and more positive about the world and the future.

So, if you feel you need a boost and like the sound of this approach, please get in touch. We’ll be delighted to hear from you and eager to help.

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