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If you use Microsoft Word, you may know that you can hit SHIFT-F7 on any word, and it will bring up a mini thesaurus. If you do that on the word ‘safe’, you get a long selection of alternative words and phrases. In this post, we’ll look at all the relevant interpretations of the word ‘safe’ and show you why the Life Force Fitness studio is the safest personal training venue in Northampton.


Safe: Concealed

If you feel self-conscious in a commercial gym, you’ll love training at our studio. That’s because we only offer 1-1 coaching.

There is no membership, so you won’t find hordes of people in the studio. We don’t do classes either. During your visit, you’ll only ever see your coach and, often, one other client and their coach. That’s it! Nobody else. So, there’s no need to worry about intimidating characters or other people looking at you. We even have blinds we can draw so that nobody can look in.

It’s private, unseen and safe-feeling.

Female client being supervised by female personal trainer at the safest personal training venue in Northampton


Safe: Out of harm’s way

We have a car park for our clients, so you won’t need to dodge the traffic to park on the road or execute perfect timing to open your car door between passing vehicles.

And what’s more, the car park is right outside the window. You’ll be able to see your car every time you look up. If you did need to go out to your vehicle, it’s a 20-second walk.

Car parked outside the Life Force Fitness studio.

Inside the studio, there are no hazards caused by other people. The floor isn’t strewn with dumbbells, and there are no weights left on the bars. Not that you need to worry about that because your coach will load the bars and take the dumbbells off the rack for you.


Safe: Protected

From the outset, we have had robust COVID procedures in place. We made sure our processes were water-tight by investing in some consultation from a qualified sanitation expert.

We now operate a 15-minute gap between clients so that we can ensure the studio space is sanitised between clients. We’ll even sanitise as we go along so that you can be sure the equipment is safe to use if you are sharing the studio with another client.

We have a video of our procedures. If you’d like to see the complete written documentation, please get in touch.


Safe: Sheltered

Our studio is not a draughty industrial unit with 5-metre ceilings and a shutter door. Nor is it a converted garage. And it’s not the local park either!

It’s a former office space and it’s heated, double glazed and free from draughts. What’s more, no dust creeps in through gaps to the outside – there are no gaps.

It’s a clean, warm and calming space in which to train.


Safe: In safe hands

We only employ experienced personal trainers. So, you can be sure you are in safe hands. We won’t make you do things you can’t do or load the bar up only to watch you fail. And we won’t give you the same workout as the last client.

Your workout will be designed from scratch every time you come in for training. We’ll tailor it to your capability, injury history, strength and even your mood that day. And, of course, we’ll provide expert instruction so that you always perform exercises correctly.

You’ll get variety, challenge, enjoyment and, ultimately, progression and satisfaction.

Client performing walking lunges at the Life Force Fitness studio. The safest personal training venue in Northampton


Safe: Uninjured

We are qualified functional movement specialists. That means, compared to the average personal trainer, we are highly knowledgeable about correct and pain-free movement.

Our number one rule in movement correction is to avoid pain. We will look at your injury history, ask you about movements that hurt, look at your posture and measure your movement capability. Any actions that hurt, we will avoid until your movement patterns are improved.

But don’t think we are over-cautious and that you won’t be challenged. We’ll push you, alright! But we’ll steer right away from pain or risk.

You can be sure that we’ll look after you and keep you free of injury. But you can also expect us to improve any pain you’re already experiencing. Ultimately, you’ll be able to push yourself, safe in the knowledge that it won’t hurt and you won’t get injured.


Safe: Non-violent

There are some unpleasant and intimidating characters in commercial gyms. Maybe some are fuelled by excess testosterone. Or perhaps a crowded environment or the queue for a particular machine makes people irritable. I’ve seen lots of disputes and altercations, even fights.

In some training venues, you have to have a certain level of confidence and thick skin to enter the weights area. And even if you have that, you’ll need the confidence to use the equipment and look like you know what you’re doing.

You won’t need to worry about any of that in our studio. For a start, there are no other trainers and all our clients are just like you. They value the privacy and safety of the studio. Neither do you need to be concerned about how to use the equipment because you’ll get 1-1 coaching throughout every session.


Safe: Secure

We take security very seriously. That’s why we lock the front door. You can’t just walk in off the street. So, as a client, you’ll be welcomed at the door by your coach. Then the door stays shut during your session until you leave.

On top of that, we have key locks and extra security locks on every window, a fancy triple lock key that locks the premises overnight and a shutter that comes down to protect the front door. Even better, we’ve protected all our equipment with SmartWater technology.

Of course, all this security does not affect you while you’re at the studio. But at least you know that the building is very secure. You won’t have any interruptions to your programme due to break-ins or thefts. And you know you are working with a company that takes your security and safety very seriously.


Safe: Dependable

We have a programme structure with all the add-ons you’ll need to succeed. And we get results. Just take a look at our testimonials and case studies.

If you follow your programme and commit your time and effort, you’ll get results. You can be assured that the money spent on your programme is a safe investment.



Whatever meaning you attach to the word ‘safe’, you can be sure that it is apt for our personal training venue and the services we offer.

Our venue is private, secure, protected, calm, sheltered, and we’ll keep you out of harm’s way. But you’ll also be in safe hands, we’ll help you avoid injury and pain, and you can be confident that the money you spend with Life Force Fitness is a wise investment.

Does this sound ideal? That’s why it’s the safest personal training venue in Northampton.



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