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It’s a year now since we opened the doors of the studio and signed up our first weight loss clients.

And what a year it’s been! We’ve had, and still have, great clients. And thanks to the weight loss they have achieved, we’re bringing in more clients all the time.

The weight loss results that have been achieved on our programmes are fantastic. We’re really proud of all our clients.

And judging by some of the things they are saying about us, they are pretty pleased too! Take a look at some of these testimonials to see some of the feedback we are getting and look at some of the results in more detail. Bear in mind that some of our most successful clients have yet to conclude their programmes, so their results and comments have not been put up on the website yet. Look out for more updates in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the collective weight loss stats of our clients


Weight Loss Clients

Taking our 20 most successful weight loss clients

  • They have lost a combined total of 238kg – that’s almost a quarter of a tonne!
  • That’s 37 stones 7lbs
  • That’s an average of 12kg (1 stone 12 lbs) per client
  • …over an average of 6 months

Bear in mind that some of our clients have needed to lose less than the average, so you can see that a lot of clients have lost a lot more than the average.

Our biggest male loser, who is still going, is nearly 5 stones lighter than when he started.

Our biggest female loser has just notched up a weight loss of 3 stones 4lbs…  and is also still going.


For the 17 clients who have recently had their body composition measured

  • They have lost 174kg, or 27 stone 5lbs of pure FAT! That’s the weight of two adult men made entirely of fat! By the way, if you’re wondering about the article image, it’s a 3D image of fat cells – those are the things we are shrinking – that’s what they look like.
  • They have lost 42kg of visceral fat – that’s the stuff around their organs. That’s 6 and a half stone of reduced disease risk. That has to have improved their life expectancy!
  • They have become more youthful by 27 years
  • They have lost 69 inches from around their collective waist.


Conditioning Clients

The 8 clients who are on conditioning programmes

  • Have gained 13.4kg of muscle – that’s over 2 stones
  • They have also lost 60kg of fat
  • …and got younger by 17 years
  • That’s despite some of them being in calorie surplus.


With our programmes the focus is on results. The programmes include exercise, food and lifestyle to ensure all the elements for successful weight loss are covered. We measure, monitor and motivate through our use of client data. That’s how we have been able to produce the figures above to back up our claims.

The stats above show that our clients consistently get results. If we weren’t consistently getting results then the collective numbers and averages would be a lot lower.

For our clients, weight loss isn’t a hit and miss consequence simply of training with us, it’s the result of an holistic focus on all the factors that contribute to success.

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