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Most of you have heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) I’m sure. It’s a great way to keep the metabolism humming for hours and expend some extra calories in the ‘afterburn’.

Another way to boost the metabolism, and a better way in my view, is with weight training. Now that said, not all exercises were created equal! The best exercises tend to be either full body exercises or make heavy use of the legs. Keep the volume (sets x reps x weight) high and the rest short for maximum afterburn.

There are so many exercises I could list that would be very effective, but here is the Life Force Fitness top 10 list of metabolism boosting exercises:
1. Clean and jerk
2. Clean and press
3. Burpees
4. Front squat
5. Deadlift
6. Power clean
7. Back squat
8. Squat jump
9. Bulgarian split squat
10 Push press

Most of these have an element of technical difficulty so you might want to get some coaching on them if you have not done them before.

Why not give them a go instead of your usual HIIT on the cardio machines? You’ll get some muscular strength and toning too!

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