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The biggest weight loss mistake

A bar full of empty beer glasses. Too much alcohol is very much part of a bad lifestyle

As a nation, we’ve been getting fatter for a few decades. Around two-thirds of the adult population in the UK is overweight or obese. So it’s no surprise that our most popular request from prospective clients is to lose weight. Most prospective clients come to us after trying various ways to shed the pounds. They

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Body composition change in Northampton

Man performing leg press

At our personal training studio in Northampton, we have a fancy machine that measures your body composition. Why do we have a sophisticated machine? Because we specialise in body composition change. We need to measure it so we know we are helping our clients to realise the best body composition possible. Of course, we market

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The safest personal training venue in Northampton

Personal trainer supervising a client. The safest personal training venue in Northampton

If you use Microsoft Word, you may know that you can hit SHIFT-F7 on any word, and it will bring up a mini thesaurus. If you do that on the word ‘safe’, you get a long selection of alternative words and phrases. In this post, we’ll look at all the relevant interpretations of the word

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Eight mistakes people make when trying to lose weight

Chicken breast and healthy salad. Don't make the Mistakes people make when trying to lose weight

Attempting to lose weight can be difficult! Our genes make it easy for us to gain weight, and hard for us to take it off. Add to that the pressures of modern life and the influence of the food industry and it can seem like an insurmountable challenge to get in shape. Now, that said,

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Ten unexpected things about my Birmingham Hip Resurface

Walking up the steps in the garden two days post op. Birmingham Hip Resurface

If you’re heading for a hip replacement of any kind, or you know someone who is due to have one, you may find this post contains some useful insights. It’s about the things they don’t tell you when you have a Birmingham Hip Resurface. The hip I was born with had grade four osteoarthritis brought

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Top 10 Foods for Healthy Weight Loss


If you know our approach to nutrition, you’ll know that we are huge advocates of variety in the diet. So, it may seem odd that we have written a ‘top 10 foods’ article. First of all, let’s be clear, variety is by far the best strategy for optimising health. This top 10 list is a

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Is low carb a good approach?

A selection of low carb foods. Is low carb a good approach?

The low carb approach to dieting is very popular. It is viewed as an effective way to lose weight. Certainly, there are many practitioners and advocates. But is low carb a good approach? In this post, we discuss this popular weight loss protocol. I’m going to give you the answers upfront but if you’d like

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A Personal Trainer’s guide to losing weight

Client and coach in discussion. A personal trainer's guide to losing weight.

Losing weight is the number one goal we receive from clients. And I’m confident it’s the same for almost all personal trainers. It should be simple; eat less, do more. But so many people fail. Why is that? Because it isn’t simple after all. It’s easy on paper but, in practice, it’s tough! But don’t

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Top ten tips for losing weight

Lady's feet on a set of scales. Top ten tips for losing weight

We’re well into the New Year now. If your New Year resolution was to lose weight and it’s not going too well, you may not be doing everything required. Losing weight isn’t easy; there are many things you need to get right. If just one of them isn’t on point, it can derail your efforts.

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Stay strong, live long

Stay strong as you get older

Officially, old age is classed as 65 and above. How do you imagine you’ll be once you reach old age, how do you want it to be? I guess most of you would like to live at least another 20 years, stay strong, be fit, capable and active, travel the world and tick things off

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