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Here’s a simple idea to provide a little indulgence after dinner.


The video is one from the archives. It was taken before the discovery of landscape video and involves a headless man!


We all like a little of something sweet after our meal. A lot of people will reach for the chocolates or for ice cream or for puddings. Of course that’s not ideal if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s just going to add a massive calorie hit to your meal and very likely lead to over consumption.


You don’t have to go without some indulgence after dinner though. With a very handy sprinkle of calorie free sweetener and a big dollop of fat free Greek yoghurt, you can create a creamy, indulgent dessert that doesn’t carry too many calories.


All you need is

  • Raspberries – frozen and thawed works best
  • Greek or Greek style yoghurt – 0% fat is best if you’re concerned with keeping the calories down
  • Calorie free sweetener.


…. and a freezer.


It couldn’t be simpler. Mix the three ingredients together and stick it in the freezer. You choose how much of each ingredient you want, depending on whether you want it fruity, creamy or sweet. The longer you freeze it the harder it will be when you take it out. Don’t leave it too long or you’ll be tapping at it with a chisel! I’ve made that mistake before.


Watch the video to see how to create a little innocent indulgence.

We’ve got lots of ideas on how to keep your food interesting whilst keeping the calories down and the goodness up. Take a look at our nutrition blogs.



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