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Did you see this article in the BBC yesterday about giving your bones a workout?

It talks about the importance of working the muscles and how it contributes to strong bones and better health.

It could have been written by us, it’s so similar to what we have been saying! If you missed our earlier articles on these topics, take a look at these

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Although the BBC article headline is about bones, the main contributor to strong bones is the tension created by muscle. So it all begins with working the muscles.

The BBC article lists several ways to work the muscles. As you know, our chosen method is resistance training because it can be targeted, varied, full body, light or heavy. In short it can provide more complete development of the muscles for better overall health and function.
All our programmes include resistance training as a primary way to retain or build muscle as the weight comes off. Weight training will also improve your movement, your posture, your strength and resilience in everyday life.

You’ll also note the advice at the bottom of the BBC article about moderate intensity aerobic exercise. It’s uncannily similar to our own advice! Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart, improves your physiology for fat burning and improves all your health markers. All our programmes include moderate intensity cardio too.

We’ve always advocated a two-pronged approach to exercise as outlined in the BBC article and recommended by Public Health England. But in addition to that we also include nutrition in our programmes. All our private clients get food coaching, a calorie target, meal ideas, meal checking and investigation. With this holistic approach we’re getting great results. Look out for more client progress in the near future.

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