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Christmas Calorie Count

Christmas day feast

Even if you are very calorie conscious, Christmas Day is likely to see a relaxation of your usual eating pattern. And why not? You’ve worked hard all year, kept fit and maintained a healthy weight. You deserve a bit of a binge. But do you know your Christmas Calorie Count? And do you know the

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15 top tips to avoid gaining weight

people drinking in a festive mood

Do you tend to put weight on over the holiday season? Perhaps several kg? You’re not alone! It’s easily done. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can get through the party season without putting on anything. Apart from a snazzy outfit of course! Here are our 15 top

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What would you choose from this menu?

Healthy option from a menu whilst eating out

The eating out challenge If you’re trying to lose or maintain weight then eating out can be a challenge. Most restaurateurs aren’t as concerned with the calorie content of their food as us consumers. They want their customers to love their food and say great things about it. They know that we evolved to love

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How often should you weigh yourself?

How often should you weigh yourself?

Why is that even a question? Why is “how often should you weigh yourself” a question we should be asking? Because when you’re losing weight it’s never a straight line. You will never find that you are just a tiny bit lighter each day. Your weight will go up some days and go down on

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Simple Salad

Simple Salad

Simple Salad It’s summer and it’s a great time of year to enjoy a healthy simple salad. Do you find salad boring? It doesn’t have to be a boring combination of iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber! You can have anything you like in a salad. Here’s an idea for a simple salad that is brimming

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The Link Between Diet and Mental Health

A picture of scrabble letters spelling the words mental health

Mental health has become something that people are encouraged to talk about, and you can see that from the number of stories in the news. Reading around, mental ill-health seems to be a broad term covering common associations such as depression, Alzheimer’s, dementia, ADHD, and eating disorders, but also includes anxiety disorders and persistent unhappiness

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Healthy Eating Week


Next week, 10-14 June 2019, we will be supporting The British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week. Each day next week on our social media channels, we’ll be posting about one of the 5 healthy living challenges. What is the British Nutrition Foundation? The BNF is a charity whose core purpose is to make nutrition science

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Intermittent Fasting: What, Why, Our Opinion

A picture of a white alarm clock next to a cup of coffee

Intermittent fasting has been a hot topic in the health and fitness world for a few years now. If you search the internet, you’ll see there are a lot of good informative articles on the topic. Most of them tell you what it is and list the benefits and disadvantages. I could do the same

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Commitment and hard work – your best bet for healthy long-term weight loss

A picture of someone with a tape measure around their waist

I was recently alerted to the noise going on in the popular press around the use and promotion of dietary supplements/weight loss products by celebrities. It’s not something I would usually comment on, but after a bit of research I realised there’s an important take home message. I’ll get to that but first, some background.

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Top 5 Exercises for Shoulders

A picture of Samantha doing a shoulder press with Jon behind her

This week we are continuing our feature where we provide our view on which are the top 5 exercises for different body parts. In the first blog on back exercises, we set out the criteria for selecting the ‘best‘ 5 exercises. To summarise, our top 5 exercises are those that build muscle, or tone, and

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