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The importance of muscle

The importance of muscle.

The importance of muscle for health, happiness and longevity The importance of muscle for health and longevity is rarely appreciated. I have written before about how to preserve muscle mass in order to age gracefully, but here I go into more detail on why it is important. It can literally be a matter of life or

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Client Progress

Weight loss progression

Our clients have made incredible progress! It’s been nearly 4 months since we opened our doors for business. We’ve had clients start programmes in December, January and February. We’re really pleased with their progress. Below I present some summary statistics. I’ve picked 9 of our weight loss clients. Five of them have recently had a

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6 steps to ageing well

Maintain muscle

There are many angles on the topic of ageing well, but the angle I am taking here is, of course, associated with health and fitness. In particular, the focus of this article is the importance of building and maintaining your muscle and strength in to your old age. Sarcopenia is the process of losing muscle

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Body composition round up

Strong at any age

We’re all about improved body composition. If you’re not following us on Facebook then you’re missing out – we post news and hot tips! Here’s a round up of some recent Facebook posts.   Fibre for digestive health So we all know we are supposed to get lots of fibre in our diet. But why

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Why we get results

Jon and Sam

Everyone wants results from their health and fitness endeavours. There are plenty of good health and fitness organisations out there and enough variety to suit most people’s preferences.   But it’s also the case that a lot of people invest time and money in their health and fitness but do not get the results? Why

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Our Studio

Studio Launch

Although the new studio has been open now for two months, the official launch was held last week, January 13th, 2018. We’re proud of what we have created. It’s bright, clean and pristine with an exclusive ‘boutique’ studio feel. It’s full of brand new equipment catering for all ages and abilities. Take a look! The

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Management of type 2 diabetes


The belief that type 2 diabetes is reversible is gaining widespread acceptance. In general, the lifestyle factors required to reverse the condition are the opposite of those that led to diabetes. There is a very high correlation between being overweight or obese and having type 2 diabetes. The factors that will contribute to the onset

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Posture series – the core

Plank hold

Following on from the introduction to posture, a simple exercise for core strength is the first of the demos. The exercise is called a plank. Done correctly it it quite a tough exercise! The plank will help with Maintaining good posture Improvements in stability for sports and everyday functional movements Keeping your tummy tucked in

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Body Composition – a taster

Accuniq body comp machine

As you know, we specialise in improving our clients’ body composition. The most common understanding of body composition improvement is a reduction in body fat and an increase in muscle. This is what almost everyone strives for when they embark on one of our programmes. As you might imagine, there is a lot more to

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A holistic approach for best results

The holistic approach

I must admit that during my former corporate career, I used to roll my eyes when someone used the word ‘holistic’. It was one of those corporate buzzwords used by people in meetings, doing their best to make their mark. I have to say though, it does suit very well what we are all about.

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